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What to Wear Before the Gown

Posted on April 06, 2018 by Allison Dupree

Take a moment and think about this…

It’s the day of your wedding. You look around the room and see your closest friends and family. You’re all laughing and reminiscing about funny moments, maybe even shedding a tear or two. Now wipe the tears away and take a look at what they’re wearing. Not sure what it is yet? Here’s some info from our real life brides!


Lyndsey and Brian, Figtree Productions
Lauren and Brad, Michael Dempsey Photography
Nicole and Chris, Jane DiMaggio


Tarah and Steve, Linda and Peter Photography


Bianca and Jason, Ann Coen Photography


New Jersey Bride Gabrielle and Robert Real Wedding
Gabrielle and Robert, Lesley Colvin
Michelle and Ryan, Jennifer Larsen
New Jersey Bride Alyssa and Robert Real Wedding
Alyssa and Robert, Flanegan Photo


New Jersey Bride Stacy and Rick Real Wedding
Stacy and Rick, Milton Gil Photography


A Wedding at The Stateroom on Long Beach Island - New Jersey Bride
Rose and Joe, Styled Pink Photography


Mallard Island Yacht Club Wedding NJ
Veronica and Paul, Jeff Tisman Photography


Monica and Adrian, Gabelli Studios

Which getting-ready look is your favorite?

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