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Don’t Forget! Here’s Your Last-Minute Bridal Checklist

Posted on March 14, 2023 by New Jersey Bride

Your wedding is a week—or just a few days—away. You’re sure you’ve forgotten something! Here’s a great last-minute checklist to go through to set your mind at ease. Try to relax, ask for help if needed and take a deep breath—your wedding will be amazing. Just remember that if something goes wrong, you’ll most likely be the only person who notices it. Everyone else will be looking at a gorgeous bride and groom standing in front of them, exchanging vows and starting out their lives together. Congratulations and good luck!


√  Put your complete outfit together and pack it ALL if you’re not getting ready at home. Dress, shoes, veil, undergarments, hair pins, perfume, jewelry, deodorant, etc. Be sure to take your gown out of the garment bag and do a once-over to confirm that all alterations were completed properly and that your gown is creaseless and ready to go.

√  Pack emergency kit…here’s what to include.

√  Honeymoon bag packed and ready to go. Passport located and up to date?

√  Manicure and pedicure.

√  Have wedding bands ready.

√  Ask mom or bridesmaid to practice your bustle if you have one.

√  Choose your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

√  Marriage license. Click here for info.

√  Create timeline for day of wedding.

√  Write a note to your groom.

√  Write a note to your parents.

√  Have all gifts ready for bridal party, parents, fiancé, flower girl, etc.

√   Put vendor contacts all in one place…JUST IN CASE. Be sure that a MOH or parent can access if any calls need to be made.

√  Organize payment and tips. Enclose in clearly labeled envelopes so that a bridesmaid or groomsmen can help disperse. For guidance on tips, click here.

√  Bring extra cash, just in case.

√  Water for hotel room, car, etc.

√  Your vows if you’ve written your own.

√  Contingency plan for bad weather…umbrellas, rain boots, pashmina shawls, extra water for heat, etc.

√  Transportation for bridal party—and you—to get home at end of night.

√  Assign someone as point person for the day. Can be a member of the bridal party or just a close friend who can keep you on time, talk to shuttle bus driver, run small errands, get you food, etc.

√  Assign someone to be your photo assistant to tell the photographer who’s who…and go grab Uncle Joe from the bar so that time isn’t wasted.

√  Create a “do not play” list for your band or deejay.

√ Ask your venue and band about overtime fees, if it’s even an option. You’ll then be in a better position to make the decision to extend the party another hour when they ask you at 11 p.m. the night of your wedding!

√  Call in final guest count—and include yourselves!

√  Order vendor meals.

√  Deliver favors, signs, menus, place cards, seating chart to reception venue.

√  Are you doing any sort of fun send-off? Be sure that you’ve purchased your sparklers, bubbles, etc. and have them packed for your venue.

√  If staying in a hotel, check in the day before or morning of so you don’t show up late that night to get into your room.

√  For summer weddings, have a vase of water available to put your bouquet in so it doesn’t dry out or wilt in the heat.

√  Assign someone to return the groom’s tuxedo if you’re leaving on your honeymoon right after your reception.

√  If leaving for your honeymoon from the hotel after your wedding, ask mom or bridesmaid to meet you at hotel the next morning to get your gown and and extra bags you don’t need for your honeymoon.

√  Assign someone to do final sweep of your venue at the end of the night and bring home signs, extras favors, gifts and any personal items left behind.








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