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Posted on March 02, 2018 by Allison Dupree

We have the dream job over here at New Jersey Bride. All week we look at your beautiful wedding pictures and amazing bridal trends. So why not share them with you!



Kate Spade

I love a good dad cap/baseball hat and I love Kate Spade, so this is the perfect marriage of the two. This Jump For Joy cap is an adorable alternative to a cap that says “bride” for example, because you can continue to jump for joy after you become a Mrs. And since it’s white, it still says bridal.




On February 28, we had our shoot for the Fall/Winter edition of the magazine at The Ryland Inn‘s Coach House. Aside from the fact the floors were stunning and everything about the place was magical, this bar really caught my attention. I love the shape of it and the chandelier is gorgeous!


Finding bridesmaids gifts are either a piece of (wedding) cake or nearly impossible. These bracelets are adorable for your girls. For a double sided bracelet, it’s only $20! So you could put their name on the top and your wedding date on the inside.


Minnie Rose

Being comfy on your wedding day, or any day, should always be your priority. So why not splurge a little? These Minnie Rose cashmere slippers are perfect to start and end your wedding day with on your feet.

Maggie and Bryan, Suzette Lucas Photography

Getting ready photos with your girls usually include mimosas or confetti, but why not balloons?! Maggie had adorable balloons for her girls to hold while getting ready because that day she was “getting a hubby”