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Rose and Joe Tie The Knot at The Stateroom

A Wedding at The Stateroom on Long Beach Island - New Jersey Bride

“Joe and I grew up living by beach and loving the lifestyle. So when it came to our wedding, no other theme fit us better. We wanted to stay classic but also wanted to add a modern twist to a nautical wedding. Our wedding venue, The Stateroom, fit this wedding image of ours perfectly. It emulates classic elegance with pops modern colors, lights, and vibes. We wanted to do a first look so we could utilize Long Beach Island for our wedding photos. When we moved to the LBI area, I fell in love with the store front of the Firefly. I even told Joe that I wanted to have our wedding photos there one day. That moment came and I am so glad we took the opportunity to shoot our wedding photos here because the colors and textures are just beautiful.””Having a long engagement, a year and a half, allowed me to really become involved in the details of the wedding. I tried to DIY as much as possible. I enjoy creating art and I felt it would really bring that personal touch to our wedding. It was great seeing all my hard work from throughout the year at our wedding, making it unique and special to us.”
A Wedding at The Stateroom on Long Beach Island - New Jersey Bride

“We were married in the courtyard of the Stateroom. This space allowed us to have that outdoor, natural feel, while still being intimate and private. The fireplace filled with candles and a cross behind us gave us that warmth we wanted during our vows and prayers. At the end of our ceremony, I really wanted to capture one group photo of all of our guests with us as the new Mr. and Mrs. There is a balcony above the ceremony space that our photographer was able to utilize to capture this moment for me and my husband. This picture is one of my many favorites from our day.”

A Wedding at The Stateroom on Long Beach Island - New Jersey Bride

“Our cocktail hour and reception were perfect. It was filled with delicious food, refreshing cocktails, and lots of laughter. Everyone had fun eating, drinking, dancing, and playing dress up in our DIY photo booth. One of my bridesmaids’ husband’s made the photo booth and Joe and I DIY’d the photo booth backdrop. I even made two special photo booth props to pose with–cut outs of our “fur babies” Riley and Josie. They are special to Joe and I, so we wanted to involve them in the wedding somehow. They were a hit!”

A Wedding at The Stateroom on Long Beach Island - New Jersey Bride

“The night ended not only with chocolate chip cookies and coffee for the road, but with a photo-op on the balcony that over looks the bay. This balcony is called the Sunset Deck because the sunsets are usually spectacular to watch from here. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm passed through LBI around sunset, so we did not have a sunset to view that evening. Our photographers creatively came up with the idea to do some night photos instead on the Sunset Deck with us. This was a fun way to still utilize the balcony and capture some beautiful photos.”

A Wedding at The Stateroom on Long Beach Island - New Jersey Bride

“The story about how I decided on my wedding dress is a unique one. My maid of honor, my mom, and I went shopping at five bridal stores total looking for my wedding dress. We were at the fifth store when I found the dress I would wear at my wedding. The story is unique because of what happened when I was deciding if this dress was truly the dress I would wear; I was trying the dress on for the second time when my ringtone started playing on the radio. This automatically made me smile and start dancing in the fitting room. I was getting finished, being tied into the dress, when the lights went off- no power in the building! We were all surprised of course, but the owner was especially surprised because the store has its own backup generator. We found our way to the stage in the main room where there was some natural light coming in from the windows. When I stepped onto the stage the lights came back on. I took that moment as a sign to stop shopping, because this was indeed the dress! It is a fun memory for me and makes me think that maybe it wasn’t just us three shopping for a wedding dress that evening.”

A Wedding at The Stateroom on Long Beach Island - New Jersey Bride

Your favorite part:

“Picking a favorite part of the day is difficult. There are moments throughout the day that have become such a special memory for me. So I must share a few favorite moments. I loved spending time with my bridesmaids the night before and the morning of my wedding. Being girls and getting dressed up, listening to music and drinking champagne was priceless. I was a bundle of nerves and excitement the night before. So having my maid of honor stay up through the night with me (not her choice) was what I needed to stay calm. My favorite moment during the wedding was being surrounded by all the people that love and support me and my now husband. I took a moment to myself during the wedding reception and just watched all my guests. It was pure joy for me watching my loved ones laugh, dance, and simply be. And of course, probably every bride’s favorite moment is seeing your soon-to-be-husband standing at the end of the aisle. Seeing him standing there glowing and smiling at me will never be replaced in my heart as a moment where it was just us, simply in love and happy.”
A Wedding at The Stateroom on Long Beach Island - New Jersey Bride

Advice for other brides:

“My advice for other brides is don’t rush through your engagement. Take your time with the planning process. You’ll only get this moment to be engaged once. So enjoy being a fiancé and live within this stage in your relationship. You have the rest of your life to be a wife. This is your time to be a fiancé. Allowing yourself this time also enables you to hire vendors you really want and purchase wedding décor that is important to you. You do not need to settle because you are limited on time. Also, based on personal experience, do not look at the weather. I stressed over a week about a pending storm and guess what… it was a bright and sunny wedding day! Stressing over things you cannot control is a waste of energy. You have enough on your mind. Added stress is unnecessary because it takes away from your happiness as you prepare for your wedding day.”

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