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You’re Engaged, Now What?!

Posted on January 04, 2021 by New Jersey Bride


The love of your life got down on one knee, looked into your eyes and told you they wanted to spend the rest of their life making you as happy as you make them—Congratulations! What an exciting and memorable time…but now what?! Don’t worry…here’s what to do next!

1. Join New Jersey Bride magazine’s BRIDE TRIBE.  We’re the ONLY bridal website that is written and created by editors who live and work in New Jersey and who actually know the venues and vendors you’ll be looking at for your wedding. As a member of the Bride Tribe, you’ll receive free tips and tricks on planning your wedding in New Jersey, access to our bridal experts and many more bridal hacks and exclusive information. We’ll help you find your dream venue and point you in the right direction toward expert vendors we know and trust. You can also share your engagement story online here at



2. Set up a separate bank account just used for the wedding. Many brides even open up a brand-new credit card to JUST put their wedding expenses on. Shop around to get the best deal: a free card with perks that you’ll actually use. Click here to read more about wedding-worthy credit cards. All of your deposits and wedding expenses will add up over time, resulting in a large payout. Just be sure to pay off each month so that you’re not incurring even more fees on top of your wedding expenses. Keeping all of your wedding expenses on one card is an easier way to manage your budget and keep track of everything.


New Jersey Bride—Wedding invite list

3. Put together your projected guest list so you can have a sense of the size and scope of the wedding. Click here for some tips if your list is large and you’re considering a B list!

Wedding Budget Flickr

4. Set a wedding budget. Click here for tips on how to pay for it all!

Wedding date

5. Narrow down your wedding date by either picking a date that’s special to you…or consulting with your place of worship for an open date…or by finding an open date at your dream venue. This can be the largest puzzle to tackle at first. But before you set a date, you need an approximate guest count and budget. For more about this entire process, click here.

Bride-emails6. Set up a separate email address to keep all of your wedding correspondence in one place.
Once you start talking to wedding vendors, you’ll receive a lot of emails, so this is an easy way to manage it all.


Do You Need A Pintervention?

7. Put together a Pinterest board to see the style. But don’t go OVERBOARD. Click here to read these tips so that you don’t require a Pintervention…LOL! Haven’t started your board yet? Click here for some of ours!


12 Creative Ways to Ask, "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?"

8. Invite your bridal party. Click here for some clever ways to ask if they’ll be in your wedding!


5 Things You Must Do On Your Honeymoon - New Jersey Bride

9. Get a massage to help you relax and enjoy the process (with your fiancé). Click here for some more great ways to de-stress! And one more article on ways to de-stress! Bridal Brain is definitely a THING, so be sure to read about it here and find ways to combat it!


New Jersey Bride Justine and Brad Real Wedding

10. Be realistic about your goals and expectations. Read a few of our “Know Before You Go” articles on venue shopping, dress shopping and hiring a photographer.


A Fun Crafty Wedding at Liberty House - New Jersey Bride

11. Take the moms out to lunch so they can meet and let them enjoy the process with you. And while there, you can share these tips.


Katie & Rich Video Save The Date - Sweet Start Weddings - New Jersey Bride

12. Set aside a date night with your fiancé each week or month so you do not lose each other in the planning process. And click here for a bucket list of things to do as a couple BEFORE you get married!

Let the planning begin!

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