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8 Wedding Vendors You Didn’t Know Existed

Posted on September 19, 2016 by New Jersey Bride

New Jersey wedding photographer Vanessa Joy fills us in on eight wedding vendors that you didn’t know existed.

“In the wonderful world of weddings, there’s a basic checklist of vendors you’ll need. Items like food, photography, video, a dress and shoes and maybe even a tux are no brainers to any bride.

However, if you want to take your wedding to a new level of comfort, luxury or peace of mind, then you’ll want to take a look at this list of somewhat secret services that you can add to your day. Be warned though! Once you know about them you’ll won’t want to go without!

1. Engagement Session Stylist – Ask your wedding planner if this is an add on service like offers or hire someone for just the engagement shoot Styling photo shoots is definitely a plus when you’re like to look your best, tell your love story and be unique.





2. Best Man Speech Writer – I can’t even being to explain to you the amount of horrible wedding speeches I’ve heard in my life. From the maid of honor speech about only inside jokes that no one understands, to the stammering father of the bride speech or the best man who doesn’t know where the “too far” line is, I’ve heard them all. This service will do everything from coaching your speakers through their existing speech to writing it entirely for them.




3. Wedding Insurance – This insurance will cover all of the “what-if’s” concerning a wedding. I’ve even heard of companies that’ll help you re-stage some photography in case it rains! Though, rainy pictures can be fun!




4. Ice Cream or Gelato – I don’t care how old you are, ending the night with ice cream is always a plus!



5. My Fair Nanny – So you want those super cute kids in your wedding, but don’t really want to have to chase them around all night. My Fair Nanny will come and watch the kids at the wedding (or your room-blocked hotel) so you can dance the night away worry (and kid) free.



6. Food Truck – There’s nothing that’ll work up that late night greasy appetite like a night of dinner and dancing at a wedding. So while your guests wait for their car to valet back to them to send them off for the night, give them a little midnight snack!



7. Candy Truck – All those delicious foods and candies you love but rarely get to enjoy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen guests attack food so fast!


8. Gourmet Cotton Candy – A little decoration to your champagne glasses, or a mid-reception fun with cotton candy on glow sticks – whatever your fancy this is a stylistic way to bring back those summer fair nights!”





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