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Not Your Average First Look!

Posted on May 10, 2019 by Denise Potter


Are you planning a “first look” for your 2019 wedding?

An alternative to the traditional aisle unveiling, a first look is a special pre-ceremony meeting that allows the bride and groom to take each other in—at a more calm and intimate setting—before facing their guests and the excitement that lies ahead. Photographers are usually present for a first look (which can take place at a park, wedding venue, hotel or another picturesque location) and capture breathtaking photos of the bride and groom locking eyes for the first time on their wedding day. In addition to being a great photo opportunity, a first look usually ensures that the bride and groom can attend cocktail hour directly following their marriage ceremony—a time that is traditionally reserved for bridal party and family photos.

These days, N.J. brides and grooms are getting creative and turning their first look into a unique display of their couple style—ranging from elegant and simple to silly and outside of the box!

Twisted Oak Studios

Jacqueline Mitchell, 34, of Mount Holly, had her first look in front of a wall of lush greenery at Terrain in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Her fiancé, Brian Cox, 34, also of Mount Holly, wore an elegant black cloth blindfold as he stood waiting for her. “Photography was super important to us and we didn’t want to have to choose between spending time with our favorite people in the world and getting the photos that we knew we would treasure forever,” Jacqueline says.

Montclair Studio

Joslyn Joseph, 29, and David Bishop, 26, both of Wayne, were searching for a way to incorporate their volunteer work for the Wayne First Aid Squad into their nuptials. On April 14, 2018, friends of the couple drove an ambulance and fire truck to Minerals Resort and Spa, parked the vehicles back-to-back and turned their lights and sirens on. When the trucks parted ways, David stole a glance of his soon-to-be wife standing between them. “It took some approvals to allow the vehicles to come out of town for a few hours, but we’re so glad we were able to pull it off,” Joslyn says.

Brian Delia

Some N.J. brides are even turning things up a notch and pranking their husbands-to-be! Brian Delia, owner of Brian Delia Photography, recently shot a first look session during which the bride snuck up on her unassuming fiancé while wearing a cat mask, sending the entire bridal party into a fit of laughter!
“I think that brides are now pushing the envelope, being silly and kooky, and trying to make their photos stand out,” says Brian. “This was one of the craziest first looks my studio has ever shot!”

A zany first look is not for everyone, however. “For us, it was very important to maintain some traditions,” says Laura Mejia, 32, of Brooklyn, who is planning her May 26, 2019, wedding ceremony at Saint Michael’s Church in Cranford. “I am anxiously awaiting seeing my fiancé’s face as the church doors open.”

Nicole Klym Photography

When it comes to planning your first look, be as creative or as traditional as you want to be. Remember that this moment is about you and your soon-to-be-husband, and should be a true reflection of your style—whatever that may be! No matter where your first-look vision takes you, have fun with it, and don’t forget to submit your wedding photos to New Jersey Bride!

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