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10 Must-Have Wedding Detail Photos

Posted on August 02, 2017 by New Jersey Bride

Your wedding day is a day you want to remember forever. You want every last detail like the food, the fun and the flowers to be captured on film. Typically the photographer focuses on the couple portraits and all the big ustoments like the I do’s, the first dance and cake cutting. Often times all those tiny details that you put so much thought into are forgotten with the hectic wedding day schedule. I advise couples to opt for a photography package that includes a second shooter. The second shooter can sneak off and capture all the details while the lead photographer is handling the traditional shot list. So make sure when you’re finalizing details with your photographer to include my top 10 must have details shots.

Invitations Tip – Have your photographer arrive early to capture bridal prep wherever you are getting ready. This is also a great time for them to capture all the details like the invitations, jewelry and accessories before the craziness of the day sets in.


Shoes  Tip – Have your shoes, accessories  and any other details you want captured out and ready to be photographed so your photographer can start shooting without having to hunt everything down!


Jewelry Tip – Ask your florist to deliver a few loose blooms with the bouquets so your photographer can stage some dreamy shots like this one.


Accessories Tip – Keep some scraps of your dress material from alterations, pretty fabric or extra ribbon from your bouquets on hand. They make great props for staging detail shots and give them all  a common coordinating detail.


Rings  Tip – Setting the rings within the blooms of the bridal bouquet makes for stunning images, so make sure that your bouquets will arrive early so your photog has time to stage the perfect ring shot.


Bouquet  Tip – Make sure your photog gets up close and personal with your bridal bouquet. This is one of the most important ingredients of the wedding and it should be captured from every angle with and without the bride holding it.


Gown  Tip –  There is something so ethereal about a gorgeous wedding gown hanging  up waiting to be put on. The simplicity of the shot is full of meaning and a must have detail pic. Be sure to clear a spot or window in your home for this shot. You may even want to install a small hook prior to the wedding so your gown will hang without a lot of finagling. If your in a hotel, you can bring an easy to remove command hook.


Centerpieces Tip – This is where a second shooter comes in handy!  They can head into the reception and  snag photos of the table-scapes, centerpieces and flowers before the room gets overrun with guests!

Flowers  Tip – Ask your  photographer to get close up shots of your wedding flowers. You can blow up these images for your home. They make great decorative prints to hang on your wall.


Cake  Tip –  Modern brides & grooms take great care in choosing the design for their wedding cake. It usually incorporates personal details and is a true reflection of the couple. Put some extra time and effort into planning the perfect decorative display for your wedding cake!


~ By Kristin Rockill  ~ Images courtesy of  Emily Wren Photography