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For Brides From Brides- Extra Advice

Posted on July 09, 2018 by Allison Dupree

Here at New Jersey Bride, we live by the idea of “for Jersey girls…by Jersey girls”

So that’s exactly what this blog series is; tips and tricks about planning and enjoying your special day.

Nicole Klym Photography

“Enjoy every single second. I had the most amazing groom that made sure to tell me to look around and appreciate the day. I remember thinking “wow, this room is full of SO MUCH love and support!” It was truly incredible.”


J&R Guarino Photography

“Enjoy every moment of wedding planning. It can sometimes be a pain in the neck, but once it’s over, there’s a very bittersweet feeling that overcomes you. More importantly, enjoy every second of your big day – it goes so fast. Don’t forget that the wedding is just a perk; the bigger picture is that you’re starting a beautiful life with the one you love.”


Gabelli Studios

“Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the day-soak it all up! Also, take some time to be alone with your husband sometime during the day for at least five minutes. Adrian and I were lucky enough to take a walk down the boardwalk to our reception. It was nice to have that alone time with him and talk about our mornings.”


Jamie Bodo Photography

“Everyone always says this, but its so true—it all goes so fast. Take a deep breath and enjoy it all! Don’t let the stress of planning overwhelm you.”


Red Bank Studios

“My advice for all other brides is to enjoy every moment of your special day because it happens so fast. At one point of your wedding step back and take it all in, This day is all about you and your husband and the love you have for one another. The people that are there are all people that love you and want to see you and your husband succeed. My wedding was the best day of my life! Don’t sweat the small stuff! Believe me none is going to know if a flower is out of place. Just enjoy! Also one thing I did with my husband was at cocktail hour we said hello to everyone instead of going to everyone’s table at the reception. It’s your party you should be out on the dance floor.”


Do you have any other pieces of advice to share? Send me an email!

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