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Stacey and Sean at Crystal Point Yacht Club

Posted on May 31, 2018 by Allison Dupree

How did you meet?
Our story isn’t like most stories. Looking back, any little difference could have meant we never would have known each other existed. Our story…begins with an online dating app. Sean was in New Jersey for the weekend for Military duty with the Navy Reserves. Since Sean is originally from Pennsylvania he had to change his location to even see my online profile. Thank goodness he did, because when he messaged me that weekend and his location popped up as being only ten minutes away I messaged him back right away. I came to realize shortly after we began talking that he was actually living over a hour away in some place I never heard of. But by that time, he had already started to win me over with his charm.

Stacey-Sean-Crystal-PointSo going completely out of my comfort zone, we had our first date a few weeks later in Doylestown, PA. After driving 45 minutes to even get there, I proceeded to drive over spikes in a parking lot and get a flat tire. Here I was, in a place I have never been, about to meet a guy I hardly know (from online no less), and my only means of escape if something goes wrong has a flat tire. Great!!!! Lucky for me, I would be meeting my future husband. And it might sound crazy, but I knew from the moment I saw him that I was going to marry him someday. So much so that I even said it to myself that night!

Stacey-Sean-Crystal-PointI found out real fast what a great guy he is, because he wound up basically changing the tire himself when even roadside assistance was having trouble. Eventually, my tire was changed, and we were left scrambling for ideas on a date that had no plans or direction now. We ended up going to beautiful Lake Nockamixon and talking all night as we looked out over the water from the marina. We both knew after that night, that this was what perfect was. Which is why making the decision to stick by each other through his year long deployment (which came only six months after we met) was so easy.

Using the guise of wanting pictures on the beach, we all walked down to the spot where it would happen. I complained the entire time saying I couldn’t walk in the sand because of my high heels. Everyone just laughed. We posed for a few pictures with everyone. Then my friend said “okay, you guys pose for one together…back to back”.
Stacey-Sean-Crystal-PointAs we went back to back, Sean turned around and waited for me to realize something was going on. He leaned in and told me how he felt, only for me and me alone to hear, and then he knelt down on one knee. I was in complete shock and immediately started crying! I was so happy that our family & closest friends were there to witness this special day.

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Robbinsville, NJ

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Crystal Point Yacht Club

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Crystal Point Yacht Club


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