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10 Tips for Walking Fido Down the Aisle

Posted on July 11, 2014 by Susan Brierly Bush

Sure, your fiance is the love of your life, but what about your other “significant other?” Here are tips for including man’s best friend as your best man or maid:

1-  Ask yourself if it’s practical to include your dog. You’ll need to find a venue that welcomes pets. And, remember, not all dogs have the temperament to socialize in crowded situations for hours and can resist the temptation of human food.

2- Assign a responsible person (other than yourself or your groom) for the entire event. Consider hiring a Pet Escort from Morris Animal Inn or a pet sitter so that your guests are not inconvenienced.

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3- If you include your dog in the ceremony, train Fido by visiting the venue weeks in advance and rehearsing. Always reward good behavior with a treat. And don’t even think about your pooch carrying the actual wedding rings as a ring bearer.

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4- For flower collars, avoid delicate blossoms. “Go for the hardier one like spray roses, greens, daisies and succulents,” says Jaime Chesley of Parker’s Petals in Summit. “Remember, dogs tend to shake their heads, so you don’t want flowers flying all over the place.”

5- Think about cute canine props, too. “Do something fun like have the dog pull a little wagon filled with flowers or, if well-behaved, put the pup in a decorated wagon and have someone pull him down the aisle,” adds Chesley who named her business after her black lab, Parker. For a full list of plants that could be toxic to dogs, go to

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6- If you’re accessorizing your pet with a fetching hat, tutu or bow tie, introduce it for a few hours before the big day, just to be sure it fits safely and won’t be chewed to shreds.

7- Even if your doggy is 100 percent housebroken, prepare for accidents in an unfamiliar environment. Bring a tote bag full of cleaning items for messy situations.

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8- Some guests might have pet allergies, so let everyone know that your animal will be in attendance. Shampoo your dog the day before to help minimize dander and excess fur.

9- If you plan to have a dance band, consider removing your pet before the loud music starts.

10- What will your pooch eat and drink during the event? Bring food, water and portable bowls. And plan accordingly for all the food scraps that may wind up on the floor of your reception, keeping him far away from the chocolate favors.

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