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Pet Escorts for Your Wedding

Posted on February 14 by Molly Gregor


Pets have become such an important part of our lives that it makes sense to include them in the wedding party on the most important day of your life. But who will get Fido ready for his walk down the aisle? What if he goes to the bathroom on the dance floor? Who will supervise him during photographs and the ceremony itself? How will you fit in walks, dinner and access to water among all of your other responsibilites the day of the wedding? Many brides want their pets included, but get overwhelmed by the logistics. That’s where a pet escort comes in.

The Morris Animal Inn in Harding Township offers trained pet escorts, dressed in proper wedding attire, that are certified handlers who will keep your precious pets safe, secure-—and to the church on time. “We’re all about making it easy and convenient,” says Joanne Morris, vice president of the inn.

They have close working relationships with the Crystal Springs Resort, the Olde Mill Inn and the Bernards Inn, but can talk to any location to have your event pet-approved, since the venue knows your dog will be under proper supervision.

A spa appointment is a must the night before, with a bath and grooming to get your pet looking and smelling great. The escorts will also handle transportation so you don’t have to worry about dirty paws on your wedding gown.


Since every wedding—and pet—is different, custom packages are offered to meet your specific requirements. “If you need bow ties or pearl necklaces, we can provide that, too,” Morris says.

And don’t forget about the doggymoon. While you’re away on a trip of a lifetime, your pup can have an equally special time swimming in the aquatic center, going to the gym, playing with friends and indulging in gourmet treats. Every dog has its day for sure!


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