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Wedding Photos with Exotic Animals

Posted on November 16 by Francesca Sgambati

New Jersey Bride Cathy Baron Giraffe Photo
Cathy Baron Photography

A photographer’s pictures are getting a lot of attention after being shared on Imgur and on Adam Levine’s Instagram; the only problem is the photographer didn’t get any photo credit.

Cathy Baron noticed that her unique wedding photo had gone viral, but realized no one was giving her photo credit. Adam Levine posted the picture to his Instagram account with the caption “Does a wedding photo get any stronger than this? My friends RULE” and the photo got over 150,000 likes.

New Jersye Bride Cathy Baron Wedding Photo Adam Levine
Adam Levine’s Instagram

The photo also appeared on Imgur, and when the photographer noticed that her picture had gone viral without any mention of her name, she decided to post another picture from the same wedding.

“It was viewed, liked, and shared over a million times yesterday without my photo credit. Which, of course, is a photographers nightmare. Here is another photo of the same wedding party for you to enjoy…this time with a giraffe. Google Cathy Baron Photography if you would like to view more work. And, if you have questions about that tiger pic, ask! I’ll tell,” Baron wrote.

New Jersey Bride Cathy Baron Tiger Photo
Cathy Baron Photography

The one question that everyone seemed to ask the most was, “are those animals real?” – and although they look very realistic, the photographer Photoshopped them into the picture.

Was there a fun theme related to the exotic animals? “No. I was just having fun in Photoshop yesterday morning. The bride and groom did bring the hats and parasols though. For fun,” Baron explained. “It was just a dang Photoshopped lion that grabbed people’s attention ;)!”

We love Baron’s idea of Photoshopping exotic animals into your wedding photos. What do you think?