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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With These Romantic Moments from Real Weddings

Posted on January 31, 2024 by Jacqueline Larcara

Romantic wedding moments to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Moses Cruz Photography

What do we love most about weddings? That they’re all about love, of course. And we’re suckers for those tear-jerking romantic moments and heartwarming gestures that just make you say “aww.” There’s no better time to sink into a sappy mood than Valentine’s Day. Grab some tissues, cuddle up with your spouse-to-be and read about some of our favorite wedding-day expressions of love.

This Bride Sang to Her Groom During Their First Dance

A Crossed Keys Estate wedding.
Photo: Courtney Simpson Photography

Couple Nicolette & Robert
Venue Crossed Keys Estate, Andover
Photographer Courtney Simpson Photography
Romantic Moment The couple had an elegant event with an outdoor ceremony and reception in the modern farmhouse at Crossed Keys Estate. Nicolette loved the venue’s open space, gorgeous wood floors and beams, and a soaring window. Nicolette, a vocalist, sang a slow and romantic acoustic version of Tina Turner’s “The Best” to Rob as they shared their first dance. “It was a special moment,” she says.
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RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice Had a Meaningful Phrase Embroidered on Her Veil

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice on her wedding day.
Photo: Jenna Russo

Couple Teresa Giudice & Louie Ruelas
Venue Park Château Estate & Gardens, East Brunswick
Photographer Jenna Russo
Romantic Moment For Teresa, honoring her deceased parents, Giacinto and Antonia Gorga, was of the utmost importance. Her custom veil by Mark Zunino was embroidered with the Italian phrase Sempre Insieme, which means Always Together; the saying is also inscribed on her parents’ mausoleum. “My parents were always together, and I feel like that’s Louie and I because we’re always together,” Teresa says. An ice sculpture with the same phrase was on display at the cocktail hour.
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This Couple Killed Their Synchronized Reception Entrance

The bride and groom shuffle into reception during their entrain dance with one hand in the air at Hamilton Manor.
Photo: United Elite Photography

Couple Alexis & Michael
Venue Hamilton Manor, Hamilton Township
Photographer United Elite Photography
Romantic Moment This couple kicked off the next chapter of their love story the same way that they started it—with a dance. “My husband and I met at a party in college,” says Alexis. “Our colleges were 30 minutes from each other’s and had a combined event that we both attended. He asked me to dance and we’ve been together ever since.”
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Gown Designer Justin Alexander Warshaw Embroidered Love Notes in His Bride’s Gowns

Justin Alexander Warshaw embroidered notes in Kelsey Tuchi's wedding outfits. One, on the arm of her ceremony gown reads "love, yours."
Photo: David Bastianoni Studio & Alessia Franco

Couple Justin Warshaw & Kelsey Turchi
Venue Castello di Celsa, Italy & Mindowaskin Park, Westfield
Photographer David Bastianoni Studio
Romantic Moment To make Kelsey’s wedding garments extra special, Justin, unbeknownst to Kelsey, worked with Terri Hilferty, Justin Alexander’s chief of design and merchandising, to add personalized embroidered notes to the ensembles. One, on the arm of Kelsey’s ceremony gown, read “love, yours.”
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This Groom Got Emotional During the First Look and When His Bride Walked Down the Aisle

The groom gets emotional at the alter as he faces his bride (not pictured) walking down the aisle.
Photo: Moses Cruz Photography

Couple Hayley & Dave
Venue The Mill Lakeside Manor, Spring Lake
Photographer Moses Cruz Photography
Romantic Moment Hayley’s favorite moment from the big day by far was the couple’s first look. “He gave me the sweetest reaction,” says Hayley. “He turned and immediately had tears in his eyes and I’ll never forget how I felt to be marrying this man at that moment.” Then, during their outdoor ceremony, Dave shed some more tears as Hayley walked down the aisle to “Beauty and the Beast.”
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These High School Sweethearts Took Photos at Their Alma Mater on Their Wedding Day

The bride and groom make a pitstop at their high school, where they met, on their wedding day.
Photo: Dearly Beloved Weddings

Couple Jenna & Chris
Venue Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury
Photographer Dearly Beloved Weddings
Romantic Moment On their wedding day, the couple had time to kill between their church ceremony and reception at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury. It had begun to lightly snow and one of Jenna’s bridesmaids suggested driving one mile up the road to their alma mater, Allentown High School, to take pictures outside. “The school ended up letting us in,” says Jenna. “The faculty was so sweet and let us go to the classroom where we met. We sat in the exact same seats and were able to take pictures and videos with our photographer. Previous teachers stopped in to say, ‘hi.’ It was so spontaneous and beautiful. We even went to our old lockers. It’s funny because we were never a ‘high school sweetheart’ couple, but we got to feel like we were in those moments.”
See more photos from Jenna & Chris’ high school photo shoot here and their wedding at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury here. 

This Couple Chose to Laugh Through Their Rainy Ceremony

Photo: Carolyn Jorgensen

Couple Stephanie & Bill
Venue Farmhouse, Hampton
Photographer Carolyn Jorgensen
Romantic Moment Everyone says that it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day, but let’s be honest, it can put a damper on your special day. But not if you’re Stephanie and Bill. This duo embraced the showers and focused on their love.”A funny memory will always be that the only 15 minutes of rain that happened the WHOLE day – occurred for the 15 minutes we were outside for our ceremony – and it like really rained at one point,” says Stephanie. “My MOH, who was also our officiant, made light of it and all of our guests were such good sports and were smiling the whole time. It made the fact we were literally being rained on much less stressful. Everyone dried off halfway through cocktail hour, and the night was so fun that no one even thought twice about it. But definitely made for an unforgettable ceremony and great pictures.”
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This Couple’s Epic Cake Smash Shows How Fun Their Relationship is

Photo: The Pennington Co

Couple Kayla & Steve
Venue Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm, Jobstown
Photographer The Pennington Co
Romantic Moment Smashing the wedding cake in your spouse’s face isn’t for everyone. But for the couples that go for it, like Kayla and Steve, we say give us more of that funloving energy. When it cake time to feed each other a piece of their wedding cake, Kayla and Steve both pushed a chunk of their blueberry velvet cake into each other’s faces. Sure, it was messy, but also super cute.
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