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Reception Décor Dazzlers: Chandeliers

Posted on June 07 by new jersey bride

Want to transform your reception space into a showstopper? It’s all about lighting design these days, and while our top New Jersey wedding coordinators and lighting design artists are illuminating rooms with uplights, light washes (hued color creating an ambiance,) downlights and gobos that transform your dance floor into a themed design, everyone’s looking up at the chandeliers. That’s where lighting décor is really standing out, with dramatic chandeliers making your reception look amazing. Your reception site might already have gorgeous chandeliers all throughout the establishment, from the ballroom to the hallways leading to the ballroom. If you’ve ever been to the Venetian, you’ve probably looked in awe at their hallways chandeliers…I know I have. Most sites have sparkling chandeliers already in place, and they’ll often allow you to add décor to those chandeliers for added effect. You might choose greenery wraps and hundreds of flowers entwined or dangling from them. You might encase them in colorful fabric covers to make them match your color scheme or reception style (from elegant to rustic and beyond.) Or you might choose to bring in chandelier accents for your ballroom, unique reception venue, or even inside your tent, choosing from sparkling crystal to mod white for a clubby feel, retro styles, Marie Antoinette–style ornate chandeliers and more…or encase those installed chandeliers with fabric shades and covers, or greenery and garlands. You’re doing “ceiling artistry” with your wedding coordinator, floral designer and lighting experts, adding extra Wow Factor to your reception room’s look. The resulting photos look amazing, and guests will be so impressed. So my Aisle Files tip  is to ask your event design team to show you what you can achieve with the chandelier effects in your room. Planners love it when brides and grooms know about the big chandelier décor trend and show up armed with lots of gorgeous photos or ask to take a look at the chandelier designs their team has done in the past. Shuffle your budget to make room for this décor trend. If you’re just adding greenery, it’s minimal expense. But if you’re bringing in two dozen chandeliers and encasing them in crystal-accented fabric covers, it’s going to be a bit pricy. Totally worth it, and the effect will look like you spent ten times as much. Talk about Wow Factor!