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Outdoor Wedding Hack: FootzyFolds and Pashminas

Posted on May 29 by Phoebe Lett

When you’re invited to an outdoor wedding, it’s always best to expect that the ground will be soft and that high heels may sink into that spongy earth. Many guests choose to wear blockier heels to give themselves a little more stay-upright ability, but others wear the heels that go with the dress. I took one step onto what looked like secure ground at an outdoor wedding a few months ago, and my heels plunged straight into the ground. Luckily, I had a little pouch with my slip-on FootzyFolds in basic black, and my husband ran my high heeled shoes back to the car. I even brought along two extra pairs in case any of my friends needed the shoe-save.

Wedding footwear
FootzyFolds to save those stilettos!
At this outdoor fall wedding, the bride brilliantly set out a basket filled with autumn-colored pashminas, with a sign instructing guests to take one if they got chilly. Lots of guests wrapped their shoulders in these vibrant shawls, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a basket of slip-on FootzyFold flats for guests as well?”
Pashminas from shop Joielle
Pashminas from shop Joielle
So I called the great people at FootzyFolds to ask if there was any kind of discount for brides wishing to buy a dozen or more pairs, and they said, “Sure, just tell the brides to ask for bulk pricing, and they can get a discount.” So there you have it…if you wish to provide a basket of slip-on flats for your guests’ comfort and pricy shoe protection, you can arrange it for a cut rate. Just be sure to buy in a range of sizes — from 5s to 9s usually works well – and add some visual flair to the basket by getting black, silver, hold, leopard and other styles. If there are leftover shoes after the wedding, keep them for yourself, hand out to bridesmaids as additional gifts, and consider donating other leftovers to charitable groups such as women’s shelters.