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NJB Insider Tour: 5 Things to Know About The Grove

Posted on November 03, 2023 by Jacqueline Larcara

The grand staircase during a the Grove tour.
Photo: Jacqueline Larcara

I recently toured the Grove in Cedar Grove. Long known for their top-notch food and large space, the Grove is an impressive venue that only hosts one wedding at a time. I’m told they don’t have chafing dishes. All food at cocktail hour is made-to-order in front of the guests or brought out in small portions in brass or copper pots and pans. Gorgeous, unique chandeliers adorn every space giving this hall a classy feel. One of the most interesting features is the historic house on the property (more on that later). There’s plenty to explore and fall in love with at the Grove. Read on to learn about five things that stood out to me on my tour.

1: Versatile Space

The main ballroom at the Grove.
Photo: Jacqueline Larcara

The main ballroom can accommodate 700 guests but an attractive airwall outfitted with mirrors and fabric can be used to make the space more intimate. The airwall also serves as a partition between the reception room and indoor ceremony area or the Viennese dessert space. Although the bars in the main ballroom are quite large, they are on wheels and moveable. There is a permanent dance floor in the ballroom but sometimes couples choose to cover that (they have an exact matching piece of carpet that goes over it) so they can put a portable dance floor in a different location. The room can be configured in different ways to meet the couple’s needs. Fun fact: each table has a spotlight so guests can see what’s on their plates without detracting from the ambience that uplighting creates.

2: Huge Bridal Suite & Salon

The bridal suite and salon as seen during a the Grove tour.
Photo: Jacqueline Larcara

With four salon-style chairs and full-length mirrors that are well-lit, this suite is ideal for a hair and makeup team. In the rest of the room, there are several sets of comfy chairs and tables as well as couches. There’s also a bathroom with a shower. And here’s the inside scoop: I’m told they plan to give the bridal suite, along with the groom’s suite, a facelift in 2024.

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3: Historic House Next Door

The historic house at the Grove NJ.
Photo: Michael Romeo Creations

I love when a venue offers multiple atmospheres. Yes, the Grove has a traditional ballroom space for the reception, but having a historic space on the property is a big win for me. Many couples take photos in the historic house, which was built in 1771 and features three indoor fireplaces and a stone exterior. You’ll end up with a mix of elegant photos from the main building as well as vintage-style photos from the historic house. The historic house also serves as a waiting area for the bridal party before an outdoor ceremony. Then, the bride makes her entrance by walking out of the house, down a staircase and on the long, stone aisle.

4: Soundproof Outdoor Ceremony Space

The outdoor ceremony area at the Grove NJ.
Photo: courtesy of the Grove

The Grove is located on Pomtpon Ave, which can get busy. Luckily, the outdoor ceremony space is tucked away behind the venue in a private wooded area. Plus, the space has a soundproof wall that incorporates nice landscaping to block noise from the road while still looking appealing in photos. The area can accommodate a 500-person ceremony.

5: Multiple Wrought Iron Balconies & Staircases

The cocktail hour space as seen during a the Grove tour.
Photo: Jacqueline Larcara

In the cocktail hour room, there is a small balcony that serves multiple purposes. It’s attached to the groom’s suite, so couples sometimes choose to say “hi” to their guests from up above before entering the cocktail hour. Musicians are also placed up there and photographers love the bird’s eye view shots they can get. In the main ballroom, there is a balcony/staircase combo that gives the couple a nice way to make their entrance into the party portion of the evening. In the lobby, a grand staircase serves as a backdrop for photos for the couple and guests alike.

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