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NJB Insider Tour: 5 Things to Know About Edgewood Country Club

Posted on September 20, 2023 by Jacqueline Larcara

A couple in a golf cart with a Just Married sign on the back at Edgewood Country Club.
Courtesy of Pearl Paper Studio

I recently took a tour of Edgewood Country Club. This polished and welcoming event space is a hidden gem in Bergen County. Before I share some highlights of this wedding venue that you may not know just from perusing their website, here’s some general information. A neutral color scheme extends through all spaces of the club. They only host one event at a time, which I always think is valuable because you have the staff’s full attention. I’m told that the staff does fun things like bring trays of sparkler desserts onto the dance floor at the end of the night. Their ballroom seats 350 guests and their huge dance floor is about 26 feet by 33 feet. There are quite a few hotels nearby, including Hilton Pearl River, Hilton Woodcliff Lake and Marriot Park Ridge, to name a few. Here are five things that stood out to me during my Edgewood Country Club tour.

1: Backlit Bar for Photos

The backlit bar at Edgewood Country Club is a popular spot for photos.
Photo: Jacqueline Larcara

As soon as I saw the bar in their cocktail hour space, I was obsessed. There’s a warm amber glow that illuminates the two-story wall behind the bar, which features unique shelving and nooks. Vases, wine bottles, wine glasses and sculptural knickknacks adorn the shelves. This spot is a popular location for photos. Couples sit, or even stand, on the bar and take some epic wedding portraits with the decorative wall as the background. Fun fact: full wedding parties have gotten on the bar for photos, too.

2: New Outdoor Ceremony Space

The outdoor ceremony area at Edgewood Country Club.
Photo: Courtesy of Jon Pivko

In May 2022, Edgewood completed its outdoor ceremony space located behind the clubhouse and next to the patio and pool. There is access to the outdoor ceremony space from the parking lot so guests can be ushered directly to the area without going inside the venue. The platform in the front of the ceremony area features a handicap-accessible ramp on the side. Although this expansive outdoor space is well-landscaped with seasonal flowers and trees, some couples choose to bring their own arch and decorate it with flowers that fit their wedding color scheme. It’s worth mentioning that Edgewood also offers a nice indoor ceremony space in case the weather does not cooperate.

3: Golf Course Photo Ops

A couple in a golf cart with a Just Married sign on the back at Edgewood Country Club.
Photo: Courtesy of Pearl Paper Studio

This venue sits on an 18-hole golf course. The course used to have 27 holes but now there are private homes on the portion of the property that you pass when you enter the complex and next to the parking lot. The course boasts lakes, waterfalls and pampas grass, which means there are many great spots to take photos. Couples also love to take cute pics in a golf cart with a “Just Married” sign.

4: Customizable Spaces

Edgewood Country Club tour
Photo: Jacqueline Larcara

I always appreciate a space that is versatile. In both the ballroom and main cocktail hour room, there are retractable air walls that can make these spaces more intimate if desired. There are glass sliding foldable doors between two open spaces that are used for cocktail hour. Plus, at the far end of the cocktail hour area, there’s an adaptable wall leading to a terrace that overlooks the patio and pool. The wall features large cutouts and can remain open to provide a feeling of being outdoors or a dropdown plastic covering can protect the area from the elements while still letting in natural light.

5: Modern Chandeliers & Light Fixtures

We saw modern chandeliers during an Edgewood Country Club tour.
Photo: Jacqueline Larcara

I’m a sucker for mesmerizing chandeliers and other glitzy details at venues. I liked that the Swarovski chandeliers in the ballroom look like crystal rods with small spheres on the bottom. They were different from the common tiered, regal chandeliers. Another example of Edgewood’s unique light fixtures can be found in one cocktail hour room that doubles as the indoor ceremony space. In that space, there are large round light fixtures with hanging chain links that add a modern touch.

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