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Lost Etiquette: The Phone Call the Groom’s Parents Should Make

Posted on June 20 by New Jersey Bride

Look way back in etiquette books, the ones that have all the outdated etiquette tips, like second-time brides can’t wear white, and you’ll see a task that’s been mostly forgotten these days: The groom’s parents call the bride’s parents the day after the wedding to express their compliments on the big day. Now, that was from back in the days when the bride’s parents paid for the whole wedding and the groom’s parents bought the bride’s bouquet. Back then, this was a call thanking the hosts for throwing a beautiful wedding. But now, the groom’s parents are very likely to be paying for way more than the bouquet. They might have split all the wedding costs equally or paid a greater percentage than the bride’s parents could afford. Since brides and grooms are paying for more than 80 percent of their wedding expenses, according to, parents might also be paying for very, very little. But it’s still great manners, and one of those wonderful throwbacks to simpler times and old-world propriety, for the groom’s parents to make the call to the bride’s parents. If not to thank them, then just to talk about how wonderful everything was, how lovely each other looked, how happy the bride and groom were. Of course, parents may certainly send one another beautiful, hand-written thank-you notes for sharing in the creation of your dream wedding day. That’s my Aisle Files tip of the day, one to be shared with all sets of parents.

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