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How to Fall in Love With Yourself

Posted on February 10, 2021 by New Jersey Bride


While it’s great have a day to celebrate our love for each other, love should really be celebrated every day. Especially the most important kind of love: practicing self-love and learning to be good to ourselves. We spoke to Gary Quinn, international motivational speaker, life coach strategist and host of the hit podcast, “Ready, Set, Live,” who shared his valuable insights and knowledge on how to fall in love with yourself. Here are his top five tips on how to bring a level of romance and intimacy to your own being, and give yourself the greatest love of all.

We all have the potential to create a great life for ourselves and Gary stands by his YES method as described in his book, The YES Frequency: “It’s essential to say YES before you take steps to finding your passion, purpose and goals. And sometimes, we overlook those internal passions, purposes and goals, and it really should be about ourselves. About YOU! You need to learn to say YES to YOU.”


Tip #1: Focusing on YOU is the most important step in showing yourself love. Pay attention to your thoughts and actions on a daily basis. Are you taking a “NO” approach to everything? Don’t resist opportunity. And remember that your words and thoughts have energy that creates a cause-and-effect situation. Say “YES” to yourself more, and use thoughtful and kind words. Essentially, learn to communicate in a positive way to yourself.


Tip #2: Eliminate or greatly reduce the NO response. Get in the habit of resisting the NO. When you always think or say NO to yourself, you’ll find more NO in your life, which will shrink your life into an unfulfilling, unhappy and unloving state.


Tip #3: Expand from YES habits to affirmations. Write out simple, positive, sentences that keep you focused on your goals and highly motivated. You could say “Today I attract an incredible new job” or “Today I release all old habits or patterns that stopped me from living my dream.” Think of these as little love letters to yourself.


Tip #4: Action is critical. Love takes effort, not just thought. Positive thinking, good eating, proper exercise and meditation are great ways to reset and refocus. These actions allow our highest level of spiritual energy to guide us through every moment of the day and are constant reminders to put yourself at the top of that to-do list.


Tip #5: Focus your mind and body to have discipline, implement repetition and restructure your belief system. Stay focused on your self-love tasks. Remember, love takes work! And it all starts with you. As you begin to modify your thoughts, words and actions, you will start to feel differently about yourself and your environment. Whether you realize it or not, your life is directed by the choices you make and the beliefs you hold. Before you know it, you will be a calmer, more centered person, more comfortable and confident in your own skin.


As Gary explains, love is all there is and that is what people are seeking. And what a better time to find that love within yourself and for yourself. Remember, you are not a “human doing.” you are a “human being.”


You can get more of Gary’s advice and insights on life, love and happiness, over on his podcast “Ready, Set, Live.”

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