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Rustic Red for Winter Weddings

Posted on December 17, 2020 by Kristin Rockhill

Red. The color of love. This rich and dramatic hue evokes emotion, passion and romance and is the color of choice for many couples planning their big day. Red is also the most popular hue for fall and winter weddings.


But red can be tricky to pull off without getting a holiday vibe or Christmas party feel. Because of its bold, striking tone, red contrasts sharply with white and can appear stern when paired with other strong colors, which is definitely not the look you want for your wedding day. With a few tricks, you can create the rustic wedding of your dreams while incorporating the color red, like Lambertville florist Petunia Bergamot created for us on these pages. So bring on the dramatic blood-red roses and get ready for some serious rustic vibes! 

Here are tips for doing red right at your rustic wedding:
1. Choose a venue with lots of rustic charm like brick walls and exposed beams.
2. Pair red with wood accents such as a farm table to neutralize the color palette.
3. Add touches of mixed metals like gold flatware and metal chairs to tone things down.
4. Vintage glassware and décor like antique clocks and candlesticks add a touch of eclectic style.
5. Use various shades of red to create a softer look and feel. Red roses come in dozens of shades and sizes, so be adventurous in your choices.
6. Break up the red in your floral arrangements with small pops of color like orange, yellow, blue and deep purple. 
7. Opt for lots of greenery, wildflowers and unique blooms such as Craspedia billy balls and thistle to add texture. 
8. Add lots of candlelight on your table to cast a warm and enchanting glow on your beautiful red blooms.


Here are our favorite rustic red flowers:
1. Burgundy dahlias
2. Chocolate cosmos
3. Red poppies
4. Amaryllis
5. Cockscomb
6. Burgundy peonies
7. Red cloony ranunculus
8. Red amaranth
9. Pepperberries
10. Red astilbe         

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