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Natalie and Joe’s Engagement Story

Posted on November 10, 2017 by Allison Dupree

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Arken Avan Photography
How did you meet: Through mutual friends in high school. His best friend was dating my best friend. Now we are engaged and our friends are expecting a baby! Natalie-Joe-EngagementWhen did you get engaged: 06/09/2017 Where did you get engaged: Central Park in New York City Natalie-Joe-EngagementYour engagement story: On a beautiful summer night in June after dating for almost 10 years, Joe asked Natalie to meet him in Central Park after she finished work. Joe didn’t give her too many details, and although Natalie was suspicious, she went along with the plan anyway. Natalie-Joe-EngagementWhen they met up in Central Park, Natalie looked at Joe’s pockets (and didn’t see a box) but the pair continued to walk over to Belvedere Castle. After “sightseeing,” Joe took Natalie to the center, got down on one knee, and proposed with the most beautiful ring. Natalie-Joe-EngagementA photographer had been there the whole time and captured it all! Natalie-Joe-Engagement Then Joe told Natalie to turn around. Natalie-Joe-EngagementTo her amazement, both of their families were standing there! But Joe wasn’t done: they all had dinner at Tavern on the Green to celebrate and Joe even rented a limo! Natalie-Joe-EngagementNatalie-Joe-Engagement