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Amanda and Sal’s Home-Run Engagement

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Allison Dupree

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Amanda-Sal-EngagementHow did you meet? June 30, 2016 was a hot summer Thursday in New York City. For the Deloitte Strategic Tax Review Team, it was a perfect day for a 1:05pm first pitch at Yankee stadium, and a great start to the July 4th Holiday Weekend. Sal and Amanda both joined the festivities with their team, excited for the day off from work and free booze. Little did they know their day would be filled with more fireworks than the Yankees come from behind victory. Amanda-Sal-EngagementAmanda spent the middle innings gossiping with her co–workers, paying little, if any, attention to the actual game. All of a sudden, a line drive off the bat of Brett Gardner was heading straight for her. Sal, sitting rows away, reacted with cat–like reflexes. He dove over a row of seats, over even one of the Deloitte partners, to save Amanda from the screaming liner. Of course, Sal made the catch, but not before tumbling into seats and bloodying his face. The play was later called Derek Jeter’esque. Sal scraped himself from the ground with the crowd around him cheering, looked up and gave the ball to Amanda saying, “This is for you pretty lady.” Maybe Sal was dazed and confused from the collision. Maybe Amanda was smitten by Sal’s heroics. Either way, both thought it was love at first sight. They spent the rest of the game together, chatting away. Amanda even watched some of the game, impressed with Sal’s baseball knowledge. Sal was impressed with Amanda’s tequila drinking abilities, or lack thereof. Amanda-Sal-Engagement Later that weekend, Sal asked Amanda on their first date, a Keith Urban concert, not once but twice. Under the stars at the PNC Bank Arts Center with Keith Urban playing “Long Hot Summer”, the couple fell madly in love, a love that would grow every day for the next 365 days…Ok – maybe the whole Yankee Game story isn’t exactly true, but Sal and Amanda did first meet at that Yankee game. Amanda-Sal-EngagementWhen did you get engaged? 06/30/2017 Where did you get engaged? Rosecliff Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island Amanda-Sal-Engagement Your engagement story: June 30, 2017, exactly 365 days after the epic Yankee Game, Sal’s younger sister was getting married in Newport, Rhode Island. That morning, Amanda gave Sal a photo story book, detailing their first year together. Sal took the gift and promised to read it when he was alone. Since they were both part of the bridal party, they spent the day apart; Amanda getting ready with the bridesmaids and Sal off wandering the town. He found a picturesque spot along the water and sat down to read the book. As he finished, with tears in his eyes, Sal decided he couldn’t wait any longer to propose to Amanda. With his sister’s encouragement, he decided there was no more perfect a time than that night at the wedding. Amanda-Sal-Engagement As the wedding rolled on, Amanda was clueless and Sal was nervous as anything holding the ring in his pocket all day. More than a few times, wedding guests joked about a potential proposal, but Amanda just laughed them off. Sal laughed as well, while shaking at the same time. Amanda-Sal-Engagement It wasn’t until the very end of the night when the photographer pulled the couple out of the ballroom for a picture on the heart – shaped staircase. Standing about half – way up the stairs, Sal told Amanda that he had opened her gift and read the book and…Amanda, in disbelief, couldn’t even answer. In fact, when she did answer, she might have said no, no, no, but took the ring anyway. The next few moments were a blur. Amanda was crying, Sal trying to kiss her. They looked up and the entire wedding was at the base of the stairs, waiting to congratulate the newly engaged couple. It was a real fairy tale. Amanda-Sal-Engagement