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Your Guide to Choosing a Wedding DJ

Posted on June 22, 2022 by New Jersey Bride


Choosing your entertainment is one of the biggest decisions of the wedding-planning process. Here, Jason Jani, founder of SCE Event Group in Wall, explains why choosing the right entertainment professional is so important—and what you may not know.

Why is a DJ so much more than just music?

The DJ is the team or person that is going to represent the couple and their families, and influence how the party unfolds for everyone in attendance. “DJ” is a limiting term; you’re really hiring an entertainment professional who will work directly with your venue, photography and cinema teams and others to implement the overall timeline needed to enhance the event experience and ensure that each moment goes off without a hitch—from the announcements to the entertainment during dinner hour to your dance music and everything in between.

Why is it so important to book the right DJ?

Anyone who has ever attended a wedding has probably related their experience to what the entertainment did or didn’t do. Whether they laughed, cried or danced all night long, each person is directly influenced by the DJ.

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Why is a DJ so integral to the flow of a wedding?

The right DJ will guide you and your guests through all of the different happenings within the scope of the event. While a band typically plays a structured set, a DJ has more freedom to modify and tweak their playlist, method and overall timing to complement the flow and feel of the moment. This includes reading the room. Is the mood feeling right? Does the crowd need to be pumped up or toned down? These are just some of the questions a professional DJ will be thinking about before they begin to MC, play the next track or queue up an effect.

Speaking of effects, what does a DJ offer other than music?

Every entertainment company has a different universe of offerings. SCE Event Group offers entertainment solutions, lighting, live musical performances, photo booths and production technology, such as clouds, fog or snow. We specialize in personalized experiential entertainment—whether that’s having an opera singer perform live during dinner hour, introducing an electric violinist to add a sense of drama and heat to an emotionally driven track, or ultra-personalizing a big moment like the cake cutting or first dance in a way that is remembered.

What is your favorite entertainment enhancement?

I love introducing the unexpected. If the family is close-knit, I like to play the parents’ wedding song as dinner hour nears a close. Seeing the two of them alone on the dance floor is a super special moment not only for them but everyone watching. That being said, every wedding is different, and we strive to find the right method for each one. We take time to get to know our couples and how they envision their day so we can curate an experience that complements who they are.

What’s your best advice when choosing a wedding DJ?

Make sure you meet with the professional who is going to be working your party—not the CEO, a salesperson or someone else. It’s so important that you connect with your DJ directly so that they can understand how you do and do not envision your day unfolding. This isn’t limited to just “must play” and “never play” lists. You should also go over the social demographics and “what if” situations that might arise so they can navigate them adequately and enhance everyone’s experience while doing so.

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