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How to Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Posted on July 31, 2019 by New Jersey Bride


Let’s face it, when you buy a diamond ring, you want it to look as impressive and as large as possible. Though you may love the shape, design and clarity of your diamond ring, there are ways that you can make the stone look larger and catch more eyes.

So, how can you make your diamond look bigger? Here, the experts at Diamondere let us in on some inside tips:

Choose a brilliant-cut diamond versus a cushion-cut diamond

The first thing to keep in mind when buying an engagement ring or diamond ring is the cut of the stone. Cushion-cut diamonds are a common cut, however these are also the most expensive. Most of their carat weight lies below the surface making it difficult to clearly see how large the stone is. Choosing a fancy cut, such as an elongated oval or round stone with proper, well-defined angles, will not only look larger but be more beautiful and shiny.Diamond-rings-NJ-Bride

Halos, side stones and slender prongs will make your diamond look bigger. 

There are so many things to consider when choosing an engagement ring, however wanting it to look as brilliant as possible is a universal desire. When choosing your design, opt for slender prongs, which will help highlight your stone and not steal the spotlight. The more of the diamond’s surface area that is visible, the larger the stone will look. Going for a halo setting around your central stone is another inexpensive way to make your diamond look bigger than it is. The halo is usually made up of very small diamonds that will provide the perfect, sparkly backdrop for the star, which is your central diamond. A cluster of side stones around a larger diamond will immediately draw one’s eye in and give the illusion of a brighter, more prominent stone.

The band should be made of a bright, white metal. 

When thinking about what colored band you want to set your diamonds in, always choose a white metal like white gold or platinum. The reflective, white surface of these metals will act as a mirror and trick your eye into thinking the diamond is bigger than it actually is. Think about when you decorate a house—the first tip any designer will give you in home decor is to use mirrors to make a space look bigger. The white metal band on a ring does exactly the same thing for your diamond!Natirar-wedding-Emma-Scott-Images-by-Berit

Your band should be as slim as possible. 

As you may have noticed, the smaller the items around your central diamond are, the bigger the stone will look. This applies to prongs, halo diamonds and also your ring band. If you have a very thick band, this may overshadow your diamond and not achieve the desired effect. By setting your stone in a thin, delicate band, you’re allowing the diamond to be noticed first. Choose a pinched shank band, which tapers near the center for maximum effect.

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