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How to Capture the Details

Posted on August 07, 2019 by Kristin Rockhill


All of those sweet wedding-day detail pics you see on Pinterest of a bride’s accessories, gown, shoes, rings and invitations seem like simple things to capture, but the truth is a lot of pre-planning and time goes into creating these picture-perfect shots. If you want to capture all of your bridal-prep memories and wedding-day details like the pros, here’s what you need to know:

• Allow at least two hours for bridal-prep pictures before the formal pics begin.

• Create a shot list of which details you want captured, and have an image for reference that you would like your photographer to emulate.

• Shop for all the little details that your photographer will need to style these shots, and have them ready to go on wedding day.

Our list of top props you’ll need  for styling:

Styling matte: This is a must-have. Your photographer will thank you; 

Ring box: Purchase a custom ring box to add a pop of color. The Mrs. Box has an amazing assortment of colors;

Loose flowers: Request a bucket of loose flowers from your florist. A few fresh blooms make a big impact in pictures.

Fabric or ribbon: Loose cheesecloth or silky ribbon is a great way to add a soft ethereal touch to your accessory shots.

Tray: A vintage tray makes the perfect backdrop to lay your invitation on and gives your photos a unique and personalized look.

Detail: Small accessories like vintage stamps, wooden spools, scissors and perfume bottles are the perfect finishing touch to add a whimsical flair.

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