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Keep Your Wedding Menu Simple

Posted on April 09, 2015 by New Jersey Bride

Less is definitely more when it comes to your wedding menu! So Chef Dmitry Rodov of  Duet Brasserie, a new café, restaurant and wedding caterer located in the West Village of New York City, shares with us 5 ways to keep your wedding menu simple.

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1. Keep cocktail hour simple: The cocktail hour is great way to set the tone for the evening. Weddings typically have a mixture of guests who do not know each other, so creating an environment that encourages conversation is key, and what better way to achieve this than with food!  A cocktail hour with a few fine cheeses, meat and fruit options is great because then guests will have the opportunity to socialize rather than focusing on the food. Another great option is to offer a few stations where chefs are cooking small items to order for guests. With this setup, guests are encouraged to mingle and converse, which not only eases the often awkward first couple hours but lets them see how much attention has been given to the food.

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2.¬†Choose a signature cocktail:¬†Rather than having a large array of cocktails, racking up a hefty bar bill, choose a simple yet memorable cocktail that represents the tastes of the bride and groom. This could mean working in a shared love of rum, your favorite sports team or your favorite travel destination. It could even be a classic favorite with a fun and clever new name.¬† One extra detail ¬†to consider is your¬†initials or a symbol to brand your¬†event. These inscriptions can either be on glassware or a wooden stirrer. It’s the littlest details that¬†make the biggest difference, and personalizing items such as glassware, will forever serve your¬†primary purpose as something that is your¬†own.

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3. Stick to one cuisine theme: Many times the food at weddings can go from Asian to Mediterranean to American, overwhelming the taste buds of your guests. However, if you pick one theme, such as the regional cuisine of your favorite travel destination or the location of the proposal, you have the opportunity to focus on making sure the menu is exceptional while sticking to a budget. For example if you and your partner loved your trip to France last year, try crepes and croissants. By setting up an organized menu with your catering chef and sticking to it,  you will help simplify the menu and satisfy any variety of tastes your guests may have.

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4.¬†Take advantage of comfort foods:¬†Comfort foods have been popping up on catering menus recently. One fun idea is to have a ‚ÄėLate-Night Snack Menu‚Äô as the reception is winding down. This way, you can keep the main meal simple, yet exceptional, while still satisfying your guests as the evening is coming to an end. Offering items like sliders, lobster rolls and sushi will always please the late night party crowd.

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5. Have an elegant, simply designed wedding cake: Elegant, yet simple tiered cakes are all the rage this year. Brides are opting for monochromatic cakes with delicate flower accents to add dimension and color. A simple, beautiful cake is a must! Keep in mind, a simply designed exterior can mean complex and unique on the inside. The tiered, uniform cakes can have layers that completely differ from one another. In one layer you can taste chocolate ganache and in another passion fruit or carrot cake.

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