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Money Saving Tips for Your NJ Wedding

Posted on August 11, 2014 by New Jersey Bride

JoAnn Gregoli of Elegant Occasions shares some great money saving tips for your NJ wedding. Now don’t think you need to incorporate all eight of these into your one event. But selecting just one or two can make a visible dent in your budget. We especially love the idea of a Thursday wedding…with lime centerpieces!!

Crossed Keys Inn NJ Wedding

1. Book your wedding off season: January, February or March. Or on an off day. Thursday or Friday is much less than a Saturday or Sunday wedding.


Lime centerpiece

2. Forgo the flowers and use plants or fresh fruit. Lemons and limes in tall glass cylinders make for a great centerpiece.


Wedding beer garden.

3. Offer a limited bar. Beer and wine only is far less than a full open bar.

Cupcakes from Pink Cake Box in Denville.

4. Bake your own desserts, such as cookies and cupcakes to save on dessert costs.


Jonathan Adler wedding invites for Paperless Post.

5. Send your invitations online, which will save you on printed material and save you a few hundred dollars. (The one above is Jonathan Adler for Paperless Post.)


6. Hire the photographer for limited time. You can get away with 5 hours of coverage versus 8.

Crossed Keys Inn NJ Wedding

7. For music, put together a full playlist on your iPod.



8. Theme the event yourself. It is cheaper to find items such as country chic online or at garage sales. You can order props and favors online for any theme to help decorate the space.


Did you have any great, money-saving tricks at your wedding? Tell us about them in the comment box below!