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Festively Fall Bouquets

Posted on July 17, 2019 by Kristin Rockhill


Fall is a fabulous time of year to tie the knot. It’s the season of falling leaves, cool breezes, warm sunshine and a kaleidoscope of rich colors. It’s no surprise that so many couples choose this season to say “I do.” Autumn also brings an abundance of beautiful blooms and unique varieties of flowers in eye-catching textures, shapes and sizes. We’ve got the perfect recipe for creating a stylish fall bouquet in autumnal colors with seasonal accents and a feminine feel.

Jackie Averill Photography

First, add color:
—Warm yellow hues paired with peaches and cream are oh so pretty.
—Red, pink and purple blooms nestled among a variety of wild textured greens offers a warm, dramatic and unexpected color palette.
—An array of taupe and white blooms paired with purple, peach and blush is a bold yet subtle blend of colors.

Then, add details:
—For a rustic touch, branches and antlers add fall feels and seasonal charm. Consider faux options when it comes to these accents. They are both lightweight and bendable, which will work better in a bouquet than the real deal. You also don’t have to worry about breakage and snags.
—It doesn’t get more fall than with berries, pods and fruit. They are great for texture and add a subtle hint of color. Consider using dried varieties so you don’t have to worry about them going bad or staining your gown.
Leaves and foliage can add a dramatic, organic look and feel to your bouquet and centerpieces. Their elongated size and unique shapes add dimension and texture to your florals. There are lots of dyed and dried options, giving you the opportunity to infuse some subtle color.

Jackie Averill Photography

Fall flowers to use:
—The Sarracenia pitcher-plant stem looks like a calla lilly with red veining. It offers a unique flare while adding a hint of red.
—Magnolia leaves have a unique brown suede texture on one side and a rich dark green on the other, making it perfect for autumn.
—Fiddlehead ferns are the furled fronds of a young fern. Their curly texture and unique shape make them a go-to for fall arrangements.
—The scabiosa flower is a delicate bloom with a large textured center and tiny delicate leaves. Its eye-catching style has an organic wildflower look and feel. 
—Large oversized blooms like peonies, dahlias and garden roses bring drama and bold bursts of color.

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