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Christmas Morning Engagement!

Posted on October 25, 2017 by Allison Dupree

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Angela and Raymond had a wonderful Christmas morning and we are so excited to share it with you!

Yan, Brian Delia Photography

How did you meet? We met at Bottagra Restaurant during one of their now infamous brunch parties. Most people laugh when they hear the story because normally when you meet someone at a bar, or something like a brunch party the relationship doesn’t last past that night or the weekend. Ray and I have a much happier ending though. Angela-Raymond-EngagementI was there celebrating my 27th birthday and Ray was there celebrating a friend’s birthday. What I was in unaware of was that he had spotted me when I walked through the door, I was enjoying myself and talking to people, and Ray was basically right there the entire time. My sister has pictures of me and my friends and Ray is in the background of some of them, looking like he was trying to decide whether or not to say something to me. Angela-Raymond-EngagementWe laugh at them now, but Im so thankful for those pictures. I had no idea that day was going to change the rest of my life, that those were the last few minutes of him never not being in my life. He asked me to dance, bought me a drink and the rest is history. Angela-Raymond-Engagement When did you get engaged? 12/25/2016 Angela-Raymond-Engagement Where did you get engaged? Our home Our engagement story:  Our engagement story was very simple but beautiful at the same time. We got engaged Christmas morning in front of our tree. To this day I still don’t know how he pulled it off. The ring had been sitting in my stocking for 3 days and I had no idea. We had all these gifts under the tree and there was only 1 gift for me. I had been slightly annoyed because 1 gift that was it? I mean I guess it could have been something super expensive so I let it go. Well Christmas morning comes, and I always let Ray open first. He opened 2 gifts and a kept saying let’s open our stockings, something we always save for last. As I started to weed through all the funny stuff on top, I felt a box way down at the bottom. It was beautifully wrapped, nicer then any of the other gifts. I started to open it and as I was pulling the paper off, he grabbed the box from me and got down on one knee. I was crying, and shaking, I was totally surprised. I thought maybe it was the earrings I had been asking for. But after he told me I was the love of his life, how could I say no. It’s been the most magical 9 months of my life. Angela-Raymond-Engagement And just in case you were wondering, the 1 gift for me under the tree was a set of champagne flutes for us to toast our engagement too. He is the most thoughtful guy in the world. Angela-Raymond-Engagement

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