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10 Signs He’s About to Propose

Posted on November 29, 2016 by New Jersey Bride

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1. He’s been subtly asking you about your favorite shaped diamond. You know, the one you’d pick out if you could have ANYTHING at Tiffany. Or he’s asked what you REALLY think about his sister’s ring. Most guys have absolutely no interest in diamond rings—UNTIL they’re needing to buy one for their love. So if there’s any discussion at all about an engagement ring, chances are he’s about to—or thinking about—proposing.


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2. Your partner has planned a really fun getaway on your two-year anniversary but hasn’t told you where and says it’s a surprise. And he or she is NEVER the one who typically plans your trips. If there’s any sort of upcoming getaway that coincides with a special date or anniversary you two share, it’s a good chance your engagement radar should be going off.


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3. He suddenly wants his parents to meet your parents—when he’s always insisted before that it wasn’t necessary—and goes out of his way to plan a nice dinner and evening out for the six of you. This is a huge red flag!


New Jersey Bride—Meet the Parents

4. The last time you went to visit your parents, he disappeared with your dad for an hour and they came back with beers in hand, patting each other on the backs and chuckling about some inside joke that they told you was just guy talk. Mmmm hmmmm. Guy talk alright. The kind of guy talk where your boyfriend asks for your dad’s approval to marry you. For many guys this is an important custom to follow through with, and once he’s gotten the green light, a proposal may be just around the corner.


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5. He or she has stopped taking you out on really expensive dinners and says he/she wants to start saving. Well, he’s saving up because he’s envisioning a life with you and wants to be able to provide for it all! So don’t get mad—just go along with the sensible plan.


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6. Your family has started acting weird. Well, weirder than normal. This is a sure sign that an engagement is just around the corner and that they’re in on it!


New Jersey Bride—HowYouKnowHe'sAbouttoPropose

7. He or she has been talking more and more about “your future.” Where you see yourself in a year or two, where you’d like to live, how many kids you’d like to have. “I” has been replaced by “we.


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8. Your favorite ring has gone missing for a few days. And then it reappears again—in the exact spot you know it WASN’T yesterday! Hmmm…the only thief in your house was your future fiancé trying to figure out your ring size.


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9. He is really nervous and acting very bizarre. You may even be worried he’s about to break up with you! Calm down…this is all normal and just stage fright getting the best of him!


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10. He’s down on one knee. Congratulations!!!







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New Jersey Bride 10 Signs He's About To Propose