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9 Ways to Wear Something Blue

Posted on February 29, 2016 by New Jersey Bride

Here, Alexis Wolfer in her new book Radiant Bride (2016: Running Press; $22) gives us some great ideas on how to wear something blue at your wedding:

New Jersey Bride—Wedding gown blue heart

1. In the lining of your dress, ask your seamstress to sew a small blue ribbon, bow, heart or feather.


New Jersey Bride—embroidered-wedding-gown

2. Embroider your wedding date and/or new monogram on the inside of your dress in blue thread.


New Jersey Bride—annehathawayinbridewars
Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars.

3. Have your stylist invisibly secure a blue bobby pin to your hair or look for a hairpin with blue stones and incorporate it in your style.


New Jersey Bride—Something Blue toenails
Helena Amor Photography

4. Paint your toenails in a light blue.


New Jersey Bride—blue underwear

5. Wear blue underwear. Just make sure it’s invisible under your dress.


A Wedding at PNC Reception Center - New Jersey Bride
Photograph by Lia Lanzo.

6. Incorporate blue blooms in your bouquet.


New Jersey Bride—antique-150-carat-cushion-cut-sapphire-and-diamond-halo-engagement-ring-in-white-gold from Earth Treasures

7. Sapphires add regal elegance to any wedding gown.


New Jersey Bride—something-blue-sole-of-wedding-shoes

8. Paint the soles of your shoes blue for a subtle pop of color.


New Jersey Bride—somethingblue_bluecrinolin

9. Have your seamstress swap out a layer of white tulle with a light blue one.


ALEXIS WOLFER is the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular online women’s magazine as well as a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle expert. Alexis’s unique and effective beauty secrets led Access Hollywood to dub her the “Female Beauty MacGyver” and People Stylewatch to call her “The DIY Beauty Queen.” She is also a certified holistic health coach and the author of The Recipe For Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets In Your Kitchen. She currently lives in Los Angeles.