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8 Things Brides Should Never Post on Social Media

Posted on March 01, 2016 by New Jersey Bride

iPhone picture of bride getting ready
Jackie getting ready at the Grove. Impressions Photo & Video.
Social media can be great to share fun news instantaneously with your entire network of friends and family. Just engaged? Well, of course you’re going to post “I said ‘Yes'” along with ring selfies to announce your incredible news. But not EVERYTHING about your wedding is social-media friendly. Here are 8 things that we think brides should NEVER post on social media:  
Mother of the bride getting bride ready
Jackie at The Grove in Cedar Grove. Impressions Photo & Video
1.Pictures of your gown. Sure you’re excited, but save the true reveal for the day of your wedding. If you just HAVE to share the news, post a closeup of a small section of lace or a part of the sleeve. Don’t give away how great you look in your gown before your wedding day!   [medrec]
Bride and groom at the altar at The Grove in Cedar Grove, NJ
Don’t worry, there’s no frustration here—just love! Jackie and Eddie at their wedding ceremony at the Grove. Impressions Photo & Video
2. Frustration regarding your groom, and wedding tasks that he may—or may not have—completed. Sure that may happen, but your first rule in being married is learning to not air your dirty laundry to all your friends. There’s no need to let everyone know about the little frustrations! That’s what some people will remember at the end of the day, not the great guy who you’re in love with.   New Jersey Bride—MOTHER-IN-LAW 3. Dislike for your mother-in-law. No matter how much you may not get along, DO NOT say anything disrespectful about her. It will get back to her. And it will NOT be worth it. We can’t stand people who complain about others on social media…so don’t be that girl! Take the high road and keep thoughts to yourself. New Jersey Bride Things We Love for the DIY Bride4. Your wedding invitation. There are many friends on social media who will not be invited to the wedding, so please don’t put the invite out there for all to see—and feel bad if they thought they’d be invited, but they’re not. That’s a little mean—and not polite.   New Jersey Bride Sofia and Joe Honeymoon 5. The dates of your honeymoon trip. You’re in effect letting everyone know that you’re out of town and your house or apartment will be empty. You don’t want to “coincidentally” be robbed the week you’re away.    
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6. Drunken selfies—or worse—from your bachelorette party. Make it a rule at the beginning of the night that NO images will be posted to social media that night. And no images will be posted the next day without your approval. Trust us, what’s funny that night, will not be funny when you’re sober.  
The dessert table at Jackie and Eddie's wedding at the Grove. Impressions Photo & Video
The dessert table at Jackie and Eddie’s wedding at the Grove. Impressions Photo & Video
  7. How much per plate your wedding will be. This may be construed either as bragging or complaining—depending on your tone. And while it’s an important figure to you and your budget, it’s really no one else’s business—so keep this number to yourself.     New Jersey Bride—presents at door 8. Pictures of piles of gifts as they arrive at your front door. We know you’re excited, but this type of sharing can be boastful and tacky. Be a respectful bride…and write your thank yous as soon as you can!    
Bride and groom at the altar at The Grove in Cedar Grove, NJ
Jackie and Eddie at the Grove. Impressions Photo & Video
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