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10 Rules For Creating The Perfect Welcome Basket

Posted on December 11, 2014 by New Jersey Bride

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JoAnn Gregoli of Elegant Occasions offers us 10 helpful tips for creating the perfect welcome basket for wedding guests!

1.  Figure out how many welcome bags you’ll need.  One per couple is recommended, however, a groups sharing the same room should receive one per person.

2.  Establish a budget to determine whether the bags will be elaborate, simple or somewhere in between. Your baskets can contain anything from luxurious spa kits to salty and sweet treats.

 3.  Select the perfect container–either a gable box, bag, canvas tote or basket.

4. You want all of your guests to enjoy the baskets, so choose your snacks wisely. Avoid common food allergies (especially foods containing nuts), and perishable items. During the summer, avoid chocolates or items that can melt.

5.  Offer the basics: water, hangover kits, Band-aids, crackers, sunscreen, and lip balm (for warm weather weddings). For local New Jersey weddings, offer items native to our region: M&M’s, saltwater taffy, blueberry jam, blueberry muffins, Renault wines
, or a CD of Frank Sinatra or Bruce Springsteen.

6. Avoid including alcohol in the baskets; Most hotels will not accept baskets with alcohol and bottles of wine will need approval upon delivery.

7. Provide guidebooks, maps to the area and a list of activities of things to see and do.

8.  Provide a welcome letter that gives the schedule of events and times of any transportation provided.

9. Deliver the baskets to your guests’ resort/hotel a day prior to all arrivals and be sure all bags are labeled. Check with each resort/hotel to see if they implement a delivery surcharge (most will).

10. Wedding planners usually offer the service of assembling gift baskets for you. If you don’t have a planner ask someone in your wedding party to give you a handa great job for a loyal bridesmaid!

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