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Bathroom Baskets: What Should You Include?

Posted on May 09, 2018 by Allison Dupree

As a woman, we all know that horrible feeling of not having something you need when you’re in the ladies’ room at an event. Whether it’s that one tampon you know you tossed in your clutch, or the extra hair tie you now need because yours snapped, struggling to find someone with one that’s willing to part with an extra can sometimes be tough.

You definitely don’t want any of these things to happen on your wedding day, to you or to any of your guests. Many couples are opting to put baskets in the bathrooms to make sure their guests don’t need to worry if anything goes awry. Definitely make sure to have your own “emergency” kit safely tucked away for during the reception.

Danielle and Chris at Liberty House, Vanessa Joy Phtography



Hair tie


Hair spray

Bobby pins

Earring backs

Blotting  sheets


Nail file

Makeup wipes

Clear nail polish- for stocking runs and fixing chipping nails

Personal Hygiene:



Tide to go stick

Pain killer

Lint roller

Baby powder


Safety pins

Sewing kit




Hand sanitizer


Large bottle of mouthwash- get the brand you like then have someone bring it home for you

Bug repellent- if your wedding is outdoors, anti-itch cream for after

What’s going in your bathroom baskets?

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