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Top 6 Millennial Wedding Trends

Posted on January 03, 2022 by New Jersey Bride

Millennials always seem to have a shortcut for something, from abbreviations to apps…they never seem to be lacking ideas on how-to make this thing we call life, a little easier. We’ve rounded up the Top 6 Millennial Wedding Trends that seem to be taking outdated traditions from prescribed…to alive! New Jersey Bride Millennial Wedding Trends 1. Weddings get techie. From wedding hashtags to behind-the-scenes Snap stories, nothing is off limits for the generation that shares their every move on social media. But the impact of new tech doesn’t stop there. Who needs a videographer when guests are dancing with GoPros? And traditional photobooths? So 2015! Now couples can create a socially sharable interactive hologram with the bride and groom. #TheFutureIsHere   New Jersey Bride Millennial Wedding Trends 2. Registries revamped. Weddings aren’t the only thing that are changing thanks to the wants and needs of millennials. For example, more and more couples are living together before marriage, so registry site Blueprint Registry  now lets couples shop for gifts based on the layout of their home (why didn’t I think of that?!). Millennials are taking advantage of features like their experience and cash registry as well. After all, millennials tend to be more focused on collecting life experiences, not things (think trips, concerts, etc.). So say “goodbye” to registering for fine china and “hello” to that trip to China you always wanted to take! Plus, features like “group gifting” make it easier for friends to go in on a bigger ticket item together. New Jersey Bride Millennial Wedding Trends 3. A unique guest experience trumps tradition. Millennials are steering away from traditions of generations past and instead are focused on introducing wedding elements that have never been seen (or done) before.  Throw out the idea of a bouquet toss and cut out the cutting of the wedding cake, because this year it’s out with the predictable and in with the unique.   New Jersey Bride Millennial Wedding Trends 4. Share & share alike. Now, when it comes to bachelor and bachelorette parties, anything goes. From a road trip to an overnight stay on a boat… the more unique, the better. But what’s really changing the way millennials celebrate is the sharing economy. Now, millennials can rent a car from RelayRides, hit the water on a luxury yacht with Boatbound, or stay in a castle on Airbnb.   New Jersey Bride Millennial Wedding Trends 5. Casual rehearsal dins—leave the formality at church. Millennials are ditching tablecloth dinners and three-course dinners for a more laid-back start to their wedding celebration. Whether that means having a frosé bar (yes, that’s short for frozen rosé, and yes, that’s actually a thing) instead of the usual tableside wine service or ditching long-winded speeches for an open mic night (warning: this can get dangerous after one two many trips to the frosé bar), it’s all about keeping things fun and casual. This means the rehearsal dinner isn’t just for restaurants anymore! With food trucks and ice cream carts becoming the new norm, celebrate anywhere from a beach to the pool to a ski slope (and let the food come to you).   New Jersey Bride Millennial Wedding Trends 6. Honeymooning after (I mean, way after) the wedding. More and more millennials are opting for destination weddings, and with that comes the feeling your honeymoon actually starts as soon as your wedding festivities do! So instead of rushing off to vacay in (another) tropical locale, couples are holding on the honeymoon anywhere from six months to a couple of years to relive the romance long after the walk down the aisle is complete. Bonus: They are also booking with experiential travel companies like Natural Retreats that have local teams on the ground to recommend restaurants, activities and more based on their specific wants and needs. After all, millennials know what they want out of life!

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