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The Top 5 Bachelorette Party Planning Faux Pas

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Denise Potter

The bachelorette party should be all fun and games. After all, it’s your last night out as a ‘single’ girl!  So make sure you think it through before committing these five cardinal sins!


Bachelorette Party Faux Pas

1.    Not making your wishes known. If you absolutely do NOT want a male dancer at your bash, you have to make it super-clear to your maid of honor and bridesmaids that this is a non-negotiable. You don’t want a raunchy party, your groom is against a raunchy party, and your mother and little sister are going to be there. So put it in stone, and hopefully, your ‘maids are the types to respect your wishes.

Bachelorette Party Faux Pas

2.    Leaving the guest list to the planners. It’s top wedding etiquette that only guests invited to the wedding are to be invited to the bridal shower and bachelorette party, so submit your guest list to your maid of honor, even if you’re not asked. Brides have been upset to see friends of the bridesmaids, strangers to them, enjoying the bachelorette party drinks and food, and ruining the fun of games. Keep your list on the short side, or risk angering the ladies who have to pay for this party.

Bachelorette Party Faux Pas

3.    Picking the wrong date. Choosing the day before the wedding could force your friends to travel in a day early and pay for another night in the hotel. And choosing the same date as another friend’s bridal shower is a big Don’t.

MJs_Buttonwood_Food1 - New Jersey Bride

4.    Not planning for guests’ menu preferences. People take their gluten-free needs very seriously, so make sure the menu will include dishes they can enjoy. Tell your maid of honor that you have three friends who are GF, and if your event takes place during a religious week that has strict dietary rules, like no meat on Fridays during Lent, give your maid of honor a heads up on that.

Photo by Jason Cipriani

5.    Not prepping for emergencies. Charge your cell phone, have some extra cash on hand, program a cab company number into your phone, and if your party will include a limo or party bus ride during club-hopping or a bar crawl, make sure you have a bucket and some wipes in the vehicle, just in case.