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5 Things That Need A Backup Plan At Your Wedding

Posted on November 11, 2014 by Denise Potter

It’s not just couples having outdoor weddings who need to think about a backup plan for their big day, as in finding or switching to an indoor location if it’s rainy, windy or too hot outside to let the wedding be magnificent.

No matter if your wedding will be outdoors or in a ballroom, there are some smart Plan B choices you should make:



 1.    Alternate flower choices. If your floral designer can’t get Ecuadorian roses, or if a far-away tulip crop experienced a freeze, you’ll need to have a Plan B selection of flowers you’ll be equally happy to see in your bouquets and wedding décor. Work with your floral expert to pick out seasonal, stunning blooms and also alternate greenery that pleases you as much as your first-choice blooms.



 2.    Your shoes. If any part of your wedding will take place on a grassy surface, like your ceremony, cocktail hour or even the entire wedding, the ground could be soft even if it hasn’t rained in days. If you’ve ever experienced that heel-sink in soft grass when wearing stilettos, you know how you can look like an awkward baby giraffe taking his first steps when your heels press fully into the ground. And you know that your pricy Jimmy Choos can get ruined in the mud. So choose and bring a second pair of shoes at the same heel height to work with your dress’s hem, but with a blockier, more secure heel width. Or, go with flats if you’ll have a shorter hem, or will wear a stylish short wedding dress.


Ashford Estate WeddingPhoto courtesy of The Ashford Estate

 3.    What your child attendants will do. If you planned for your flowergirl and ringbearer to stand up with you and the bridal party, but the little ones throw a tantrum on the way up the aisle, make sure your maid of honor and best man know to walk the little ones to the front row where they can sit with your parents, to get rid of distractions and make the kids more comfortable. Practice this Plan B at the rehearsal, so your honor attendants know what to do and so that little kids have experience taking these adults’ hands and following to their seats.


Ome_Caterers_Table - New Jersey BridePhoto courtesy of Ome Caterers

 4.    Guest seating. If you have your guest seating chart all set early, but then last-minute regrets start coming in – which can happen with an ill relative in the family or a pregnant guest needing to go on bed rest – you may need to Plan B your seating arrangements, so that tables don’t wind up sparsely populated, which can leave some guests sitting all by themselves or have empty spots showing up in your reception photos. Set a time for any last-minute seating switches, and talk to your site manager about using long guest tables instead of rounds, to seat all your attending guests in a better plan.


Ome_Caterers_duckroll - New Jersey BridePhoto courtesy of Ome Caterers

 5.    Menu items for an outdoor wedding. Some foods, like cheeses or creamy dishes, don’t hold up well in the outdoor summer heat and humidity, so to keep your guests (and you) free of food poisoning, pre-plan B with your caterer or chef some safer menu choices to switch to if the temperature soars and it’ll be impossible to set out or hand-serve food at a safe temperature.