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A Glass of Wine and a Proposal

Posted on December 08, 2017 by Allison Dupree

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Jenna Perfette

How did you two meet? John and I are high school sweethearts and sat next to each other in first grade! When did you get engaged? 08/26/2017 Where did you get engaged? Beneduce Vineyards Taylor-John-ProposalYour engagement story: John told me we’re going to Beneduce Vineyards because the grapes were ready to get harvested and it’s the perfect time for a tour through the vineyard and to do a wine tasting. I was so excited to have weekend plans! Taylor-John-ProposalThe morning of I got woken up in bed with coffee and breakfast from my boyfriend who kept saying “Good Morning Girlfriend”, knowing it was the last day he could say it (I didn’t catch on)! He kept saying he made a reservation for the first tour since they book up fast and we had to be there at 11am (I now know they don’t open until 12pm). Right before we left the house I had my dress on and grabbed converse sneakers to wear with them but John made such a stink that I couldn’t wear sneakers with a dress (it looked adorable). I was confused why he cared so much but I also just grabbed sandals and ran out of the house since we were running late. Taylor-John-ProposalWhen we pulled into the winery there was only 1 car in the parking lot and I looked at John and was like good thing we rushed here! We got greeted with a bottle of wine and two glasses for our tour through the vineyard that was now “private” since we were the only ones here. We were on the old fashioned tracker driving through the vineyards getting the history and talking about the harvesting process on a breezing beautiful August day and I look over at John who is sweating! Taylor-John-ProposalOur tour guide told us he was going to let us out to walk around and drink our wine but to not mind the photographer who is out in the fields taking pictures of the grapes for Wine Magazine. When we got out of the tracker to walk around and take pictures it all quickly became clear when he started talking that this was a well planned out day and we were let out at that exact row so that the hired photographer could capture his perfect proposal! There was no Wine Magazine shoot! The boy that I sat next to in first grade, started dating senior year of high school, and has been my boyfriend of almost 9 years, is now my fiancé! Still on cloud 9!