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Alessandra and Alec’s Beach Day Proposal

Posted on December 15, 2017 by Allison Dupree

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Alessandra-Alec-EngagementHow did you two meet? We have know each other during our middle school days and times spent during youth group. I always thought he was too good for me so I never approached him. However, he did at one point during our last year of middle school he wrote in my year book and gave me his number. Flash forward to our Sophomore year of high school, we exchanged numbers and started to talk. Again with the same assumption I’m not his type, I didn’t think anything of it. So after talking for a few months and getting to know one another, during one of our long text message conversations he asked if I was going to be at school because he had a question to ask me. 7 years later we are High School sweethearts, and now soon to be married. Alessandra-Alec-EngagementWhen did you get engaged? 9/16/2017 Where did you get engaged? Belmar Beach, New Jersey Alessandra-Alec-EngagementYour engagement story! We had planned for almost a whole week to go to Belmar for the day and check out this restaurant a friend had told him about, and to celebrate us starting up new jobs. Belmar holds a special place in our hearts and is our favorite beach, so we figured why not go enjoy the last bit of summer! Alessandra-Alec-EngagementThe day before as we are preparing for our trip to Belmar on Saturday, my fiancé then tells me to make sure I dress cute. I didn’t think anything of it, I just assumed because he likes it when I wear dresses that he just wanted me to wear a dress. So I did! On the ride down we took a few stops here and there at local stores and outlets, me still thinking nothing of it. On our way to Belmar I started to get a bit annoyed, only because he seemed to have been pre-occupied; he was on his phone a lot, and I was stared to get a little annoyed. So we finally make it to the beach, and as were walking up to the water he is still on his phone and not paying any attention. So with me being a bit hangry and annoyed, it wasn’t going so well. After zero success to finding seashells, my fiancé then says we should start to head back to get dinner. Alessandra-Alec-EngagementOn our walk back he then calls to me to say he thinks he forgot my phone back in the sand. So now I am getting even more annoyed and slightly aggravated that he left my phone! Without even thinking I turn back and exclaim my frustration wondering how he forgot my phone. As we are waking back I explained to him that my phone is in the bag, which is in his hand. Then he plays it off, and then says he forgot and laughed in an awkward way. So now we start to head back to the boardwalk, he is behind me a few feet and again texting away just completely ignoring me. As I almost approached the stairs to the boardwalk, he then asks me to stop and to come to him. Without blowing up; not just because I’m hungry or he’s been on his phone, I turn and walk towards him with a slight attitude. He then asks to take my hands and is just standing there smiling at me. I just thought he was gonna apologize for being on his phone, but I was totally wrong. Alessandra-Alec-EngagementGullible me is smiling away as he is saying all these sweet things to me, about how, “we have many memories and nicknames for each other, I am his first girlfriend and his first love.” And then after that he then says, “but there is one last name I want you to have. I want you to be my wife.” Tears are streaming down my face and my heart is in my ears. I had no idea this was coming and I didn’t expect to be proposed to that day. As I’m crying and trying to form words I said yes, and with my emotions all over the place because I was not expecting it I gave him the wrong hand by mistake. Alessandra-Alec-EngagementSo after we hug and he puts the ring on my hand I see his family comes running down from the boardwalk. My fiancé then goes into explaining the reason why he was on his phone and seemed preoccupied was because he was trying to make sure his family was in position to get pictures of his proposing to me. He has this planned for a while and requested his family hide and capture our very special moment. I was and still am in awe of how much effort and planning he went into, and how I never suspected a thing. Alessandra-Alec-EngagementThe best part about all this is how the night before we went to Belmar, I had to babysit for a family. He insisted that I would tell him when I got to the house safely, assuming he was just being his loving self making sure I was safe. But instead as soon as he got my text saying I’m at the house, he drove to my parents place and told them he wanted to marry me and asked for their blessing.