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A Smart Budget Trick for Your Signature Cocktails

Posted on November 25, 2014 by Denise Potter

Dean Michaels Studio

Everyone loves those colorful, creative signature cocktails at a wedding – neon passionfruit martinis, chocolate and caramel sea salt martinis, hibiscus tincture concoctions…

Today’s mixologists work magic on creative cocktails, blending diverse tastes, firing up the potency factor, maybe even firing up the spice. Guests will line up at the bar to order from your elaborate and impressive signature cocktails menu…and then they might take one sip and put it down, returning to their ‘usual’ drink or a glass of wine.

It happens all the time. And that’s pouring a lot of bar budget money down the drain. Literally.

So, to offer a sensational signature drink menu that gives you your dream of those unique, vibrant cocktails on display at your wedding while protecting your budget, follow top wedding planners’ advice and just offer a smaller portion of each drink. A smaller pour equals a lower cost. Guests take that sip, and then it’s just a few ounces of wasted tequila, reserve barrel rum, scotch, whiskey, or even elite brand champagne if they choose not to finish the drink.

Your smart move is to have your mixologists or bar managers offer these tiny tastes in full-sized glasses or champagne flutes, for dramatic presentation when drinks are made to order, or to make a big impression when cocktails are on display. You don’t want to make your budget-saving evident by choosing tiny glassware, which would be a great big neon sign announcing, “We’re cutting corners on our drinks!” A tall glass, with a fresh and delicious garnish like these berries and fruit cubes, add visual flair for a more expensive look, and they also make it look like there’s more drink in each glass.


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