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14 Unexpected Food Stations For Your Wedding

Posted on December 02, 2014 by Denise Potter

Recently, we’ve noticed that tons of New Jersey couples are embracing the fun, fabulous trend of having food stations and snack bars at their weddings. These creative and personalized stations easily entice guests’ appetites before, after or in place of a formal wedding dinner. We’re all in favor of this trend–so we’ve put together a list of our 14 favorite wedding food stations so far.
Which one do you love the most?

Drew Noel Photography

1. Pizza Bar

Meredith Purdie Photography

2. Sushi Bar

Andres Valenzuela Photography
3. Cookie Bar

Shannen Norman Photography
4. Doughnut Bar

5. Pickle Bar

Andres Valenzuela Photography

6. Popcorn Bar

7. Milkshake Bar

8. Veggie Bar

Brian Delia Photography

9. Gelato Bar

Kristen Gardner Photography
10. Mashed Potato Bar

11. Hotdog Bar

12. Grilled Cheese Bar

13. Taco Bar

14. Slider Bar


Get as fancy as you want with your food station; the choice is yours!

–Did you have a food station or snack bar at your wedding that is list-worthy? Email all the details and pictures to our Assistant Editor at