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Plated or Buffet Dinner Service?

Posted on November 02, 2021 by New Jersey Bride

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Many couples struggle with the idea of whether or not to offer a buffet or plated meal for their wedding dinner. If you are on the fence, there are a few different factors to consider that may help you make up your mind besides just the obvious question of, “What type of food do we want to serve?” Here, Four Seasons wedding specialist Jennifer Gillis offers tips on how to decide.

Are dancing and mingling important to you and your guests?

If so, a buffet service has the benefit of taking less time for meal service allowing more of your evening to be dedicated to dancing and chatting. Guests also get an opportunity to interact with guests who are not seated at their table throughout the evening. If your group is a bit more reserved and dancing is not high on the agenda, it may be nice to enjoy a leisurely plated meal service.

Does your venue have enough space to accommodate the placement of a buffet as well as your maximum number of guests for service?

Many times, you fall in love with a venue and then as you finalize your guest list and RSVPs start arriving your numbers grow. Buffet service takes up some valuable real estate at any reception, so at your maximum numbers, do you have enough space in your venue to offer a buffet meal?

Do you know your guests tastes and preferences?

Many times with larger weddings, it is hard to gauge everyone’s preferences for meals.  A buffet offers a great deal of variety and does not require you to manage a meal preference (chicken or beef) for your guests the way a plated meal might.

Is wine service important to you and your guests?

If so, a sit-down dinner offers you the opportunity to offer multiple wines and really showcase formal wine service during the courses at your event.

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that your selection should work for you; afterall, it is your day, and in this modern age of weddings, there are no rules. Do what makes sense for you and makes you happy. If it means a plated dinner with a full dessert selection and wedding cake, then do it. If there is one day in your life where you deserve to have your cake and eat it too, it is your wedding day!

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