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Mother of the Bride Dos and Don’ts

Posted on July 22 by njbride

Everyone thinks they’re the best mother of the bride. But unfortunately that’s not always the case! JoAnn Gregoli of Elegant Occasions shares some really important tips for all the moms out there. And if your mom is in need of some reminders but isn’t on our site, subtly leave a copy on the kitchen counter! 🙂
A Waterfront Wedding at the Hyatt Regency
  1.  Do give advice when asked for it.
  2. Don’t wear white, but make sure you coordinate with the colors of the wedding.
  3. Don’t match the bridesmaids dresses—coordinate.
  4. Don’t try to steal the show and be the center of attention—take a back seat on the day.
  5. Don’t drink too much. Too many mothers have had more than their share and it is embarrassing.
  6. Do dress your age, wear something that won’t embarrass your daughter and ask her opinion. You may not take, it but you should always ask.
  7. Don’t make changes to the plans if you had no input during the process.
  8. Do keep it to yourself, no matter how you may feel about your in-laws or your daughter or son’s new spouse.
  9. Don’t be late for any of the activities. The mother of the bride should always be on time.
  10. Do be a gracious hostess. You are taking the role as the family matriarch.
  11. Do be supportive of your daughter or son and give them encouragement.