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Forget Live Wedding Portraits. Mollie Fox Studio Creates Guest Illustration Favors

Posted on January 03, 2024 by Jacqueline Larcara

Woodstock-based Mollie Fox Studio creates illustrations of guests that serve as favors.
Courtesy of Mollie Fox Studio

Woodstock-based Mollie Fox Studio offers live wedding painting, with a twist. She creates illustrations of guests that serve as favors. Artist Mollie sums it up as, “How often do you get to walk away from a wedding with something that’s you?” People stop by her table to watch her throughout the night. “It’s a quiet performance,” she says.

She can create about 40 guest illustrations in four hours. If the couple wants every guest to receive one, she’ll work out an agreement to finish the rest after the wedding and then mail them.

Her favorite part is the guests’ squeals of delight when they see the finished product.

Beyond live guest illustrations, she also makes watercolors for place cards, guest books, thank-yous, invitations, and bridesmaid proposals as well as paintings on celebration bottles.

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