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Leslie and James Memorial Day Weekend Engagement

Posted on March 22, 2018 by Allison Dupree

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Renee Merlino

How did you meet? A friend of mine and I met up for drinks at a bar around the corner. It was just an average weeknight with two friends catching up over a couple cocktails. We sat down at the corner of the bar next to some mutual friends. Jimmy happened to be with those guys and caught my eye immediately. He sent over a drink, came over, and introduced himself. He was charming and funny and just something special I can’t quite put into words. We talked for quite some time and eventually said our goodnights. Even though there was no exchange of phone numbers, I went home with a smile that wouldn’t quit. The next day, I get a Facebook message from Jimmy and we exchanged phone numbers. That was just the beginning of our love story.

Leslie-James-EngagementWhen did you get engaged? 05/27/2017

Where did you get engaged? Otter Lake Camp Resort (Marshalls Creek, PA)

Leslie-James-EngagementHow he asked! Since he was a child, Jimmy has been spending Memorial Day & Labor Day weekend with his family at Otter Lake Camp Resort. We had gone together for the first time for Labor Day 2016 and had the best time. We spent the entire weekend at the lake family and friends.

Leslie-James-EngagementSo when Memorial Day weekend planning came up this year, we decided we would definitely go back.  We drove up to the campground early Saturday morning with a warm welcome from Jimmy’s family and his best friend. We went about our day doing what we usually do; relaxing by the lake, fishing and talking walks with the kids. Jimmy asked me if we could take some pictures by the lake just as we had done the last trip.

Leslie-James-EngagementWe walked over to a small dock where his mom snapped a couple of photos and handed over the phone to see if we liked any of them. Jimmy then hands me his phone and asks if I like the picture. I looked down at a picture of Jimmy and my father. I knew immediately that picture meant he met my father to ask for his blessing.

Leslie-James-EngagementAs I looked up from the phone, there is Jimmy, on one knee holding a box with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I was completely surprised!! After I finally caught my breath, I said YES as bystanders clapped and cheered for us.