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Posted on March 23, 2018 by Allison Dupree

We have the dream job over here at New Jersey Bride. All week we look at your beautiful wedding pictures and amazing bridal trends. So why not share them with you!


Monica and Adrian at Porta

Who says non-traditional color is just for the bride? We LOVE that Adrian wore a mauve suit jacket for his October wedding at Porta! So fun!

The Giving Keys

Jewelry  is always a great way to ask the wonderful people in your life to be in your bridal party. More and more, we’re seeing bridesmaids and bridesmans, so why not get the same thing for both! These Giving Key keychains are a great way to let them carry love around with them everyday!


Still looking for groomsmen gifts? These Dazi ties are a fabulous option! You can order in bulk for a wedding too which saves money, which makes everyone happy! Then gift the ties when your man asks his men so they’re ready to look their best on your day!

Emily Runzer

Surprise bridal showers are always fun, but what about a surprise bridal fiesta?! One of our brides had her surprise shower over the weekend and this photo was too adorable not to share with you!

Steve Madden

Still trying to figure out your something blue? Why not try this beautiful, blue shoe! These Steve Madden pumps are perfect for your something blue, not too bold but still just the right amount of blue!