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Lauren & Mike’s Sandy Hook Engagement Session

Posted on April 07, 2017 by Francesca Sgambati

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Jose Melgarejo Photography

Lauren Kelly: As a bride-to-be there are so many fun things you look forward to doing! I couldn’t wait to do an engagement photo session! We had so many beautiful photographs from the day Mike proposed to me. I am still so happy that Mike had his friend and photographer Nick capture this for us.

Since then, I couldn’t wait to do another photoshoot to capture a new memory: one of us simply being engaged and in love.

I remember receiving an Instagram message from a photographer, long before we were engaged, asking if I knew anyone interested in doing an engagement photo session. I loved his photos but at the time I didn’t know anyone engaged. Months later I decided to reach out to him to see he was still looking for couples to work with. When he said he was I was thrilled. I loved his creative style.

Jose Melgarejo: In the Northeast, Summer rarely happens in February. It was another unseasonably pleasant winter day. We got to the beach with a few hours left of light. There, I met Lauren and Mike in the empty parking lot with a box of donuts and my camera in tow. We walked all together, talking and sharing stories as I photographed. We wandered the cold shore as the wind warmed by the sun’s rays gave us breaths of life. Windblown hair and sunsets. The shoot lasted until the light faded into the clouds and water. Then everything was blue and cold again. And everything felt joyous and good. In the darkness of the Atlantic Highlands, I left our shoot full of energy and inspired by Lauren and Mike’s love and positivity. From here, I wish them only the very best.

Photographer: Jose Melgarejo