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Honeymoon Ideas: Pinterest Edition

Posted on February 16, 2018 by Allison Dupree

Every New Year, Pinterest releases a fabulous list of what is up and coming for the year. It includes fashion, home trends and wellness. But what really caught our eye was the travel section. There were so many amazing ideas that would make for really great honeymoon options and we just had to share them with you!


Pinners have recently been loving to search for “desert travel.” There are so many excellent desert locations that can make for a romantic get away for newlyweds. If you’re looking to leave the US, Morocco and Dubai are great options—make sure to read up on their cultures before you go just in case PDA is frowned upon. You can also stay in the US and head to Joshua Tree National Park or part of the Colorado Plateau.

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Are you over all of the regular tourist traps and looking for something authentic? Well you’re not alone. Many pinners are looking for “real-deal experiences” to satisfy their travel needs. This can be the perfect mini-moon for you and your hubby. All you have to do is find a small town you love, book a hotel room and go!

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We all know the Mediterranean Sea is beautiful and a dream place to live, so why not take your honeymoon there? Or take the step further and go to one of the beautiful islands that call the sea home. Mykonos and Croatian islands are amazing options, but there are also places like Formentera, Sardinia and Santorini.

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Most of the time when I hear the word “cruise” I think a warm and tropical cruise on a massive ship. While those are tons of fun, they’re not for everyone! River cruises are a great way to get that “I’m on a boat” feeling without being on the high seas. Cruises on the Rhine or Danube Rivers in Europe, the Mississippi or St. Lawrence Rivers in the U.S., and a cruise down the Amazon in South America are all unique and exciting options for your cruise honeymoon.

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Mexico has always been a popular travel destination, and pinners have recently been loving what Mexico has to offer. There are all-inclusive resorts, gorgeous architecture and amazing culture—perfect for a romantic getaway post wedding.

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For the history-loving couples, a trip to a historic location or even ancient sites could be the best option for a romantic (and educational) get away! We’re so lucky to be close to a ton of historic locations for mini-moon options like Philadelphia and Boston. You also could travel to the ancient Mayan pyramids or the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

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Cities in general are known for their wonderful street art, but do you think you could make an entire trip out of looking at street art? Absolutely! Mexico City, Prague, NYC and London (to name a few) are known for their street art. If you end up in Prague, make sure to paint your name on the John Lennon Wall as newlyweds.

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Have you been rocking your new wedding bands and are considering “rocking” something else? Why not go hiking or rock climbing. It’s a great source of exercise and can lead you to magnificent views once you get to the top.

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 Not all post wedding trips need to be multiple days or even weeks. Sometimes you just need to sneak away from reality and go do something else for the day. Whatever you decide to do, get that quality newlywed time in now because before you know it you’ll be celebrating your one year anniversary!

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