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It happened! Your Guy or Gal Asked, and You Said Yes

Posted on October 03, 2016 by New Jersey Bride

Patricia Gibbons of Engaging Papers in Morristown is an expert on luxury wedding invitations, save-the-dates and thank yous, and has worked with a lot of excited brides. She gave us some tips on what to do when you first get engaged.


First of all…go ahead and do a little happy dance.
It happened! Your guy or gal asked, and you said yes. Congrats – you crazy kids are officially engaged! It’s a deliriously happy feeling, but you might be surprised how overwhelming you can feel shortly thereafter. Here’s a no nonsense guide to your first minutes, hours and days as a bride-to-be:

1.) Step. Away. From. The. Phone.
This is the first, most important step in really savoring your engagement. Before you think about your clever Instagram caption or even call your family, make it a point to stop and just be present with your significant other. Really appreciate how big this is for the two of you; remind yourself that your love is at the core of all the moments to come (that includes the hectic, stressful planning moments, too). You’ll be able to think back to that instant and remember what it’s all about.

2.) Shout It From The Rooftops (…sort of)
Share the big news with your parents, then with any friends or relatives you’re close to. These individual phone calls and excited FaceTime sessions should, without a doubt, precede any mention of the engagement on social media platforms. Your fiancé’s best friends from college, for example, should not hear about the news via Facebook. The easiest way to make sure all your VIPs get a thoughtful heads up is to create a list of people the two of you will reach out to personally.

3.) If You Like It Then You Should Have Put Insurance On It
Your engagement ring is arguably the most important piece of jewelry you will ever receive in your life…so treat it that way! No, it’s not the most glamorous part of the wedding planning process, but getting that puppy insured is an easy way to start flaunting it with confidence. You can either utilize your existing renters’ or homeowners’ insurance (most policies allow for a ring insurance rider to be added), or use a company that specializes in jewelry coverage. Whichever you decide, it’s well worth the peace of mind you’ll have while sporting your bling.

4.) Get Your Nails Done
Lots of eyes are about to be on your hands, so why not prep them for all that attention? Grab some local girlfriends and get a manicure as a mini engagement celebration. We recommend a gel-based polish so you won’t stress over chipped nails while you’re showing off that rock in the weeks to come. Bonus: lots of salons offer engagement manicure packages, many of which include complimentary champagne. Yes please!

5.) Prep Your Answers
As you start spreading the news, there will be lots of gawking at the ring, requests for the proposal story and emotional toasts. Throughout all that celebrating, you should also expect to be asked when the big day will happen. Before those conversations start, take some time with your partner to figure out how you’ll answer. Since you’re in the very early stages of planning, you can be as broad as you want, but definitely have something prepared by choosing a season, month, even year, when you think the nuptials might take place.

Having all your diamonds in order will definitely make it easier to enjoy the onslaught of well wishes and champagne toasts in your honor. Remember: getting engaged to the love of your life is cause for celebration!

Who’s the first person you called or will call when you say yes?